Monday, 19 November 2012

Vacillating Miliband Cannot Make Up His Mind

Labour's position on the EU is looking sillier every day. One minute they hold a vote in Parliament against the EU budget increase and defeat the Coalition government, forcing Cameron to exercise his veto at the EU summit meeting.

Next moment, Ed is doing a flip-flop and saying that Britain really does not need vetoes!! He seems to be cringing cap in hand to Brussels and issuing an apology for being a naughty boy. In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph he now says "Britain must stop heading for the EU exit".

I expect that after the vote in the House of Commons, Ed got a stern talking-to from Tony Blair, (who wants to be EU president), Neil and Glynis Kinnock (who have both made a mint out of the EU) and Lord Peter Mandelson, whose glorious career as an EU commissioner reached its zenith on board the yacht of a Russian oiligarch. Mr Miliband probably got angry letters from the Labour MEPs whose lavish life-styles and fat-cat pensions depend on our EU membership.

So after his brief moment as a Eurosceptic, Eddie the Unsteady is now back following the party line and telling us we must stay inside the EU whatever the cost. He is trying to have it both ways, telling the Confederation of British Industry that we must listen to some of the Eurosceptic arguments - yet at the same time refuse to consider leaving.
Er... yes, that's what he said.
Eddie the Unsteady is warning people that there are terrible "dangers" of leaving the EU. He said nothing at all in his speech about the massive costs of remaining inside it. Nothing about the major international strike that rocked six eurozone countries last week. Nothing at all about the appalling suffering of countries such as Portugal where the austerity regime is causing riots. Nothing at all about the removal of democratically elected leaders in Greece and Italy. Nothing about the way we pay to export our own jobs. Only some damn-fool story about how Japanese companies won't invest in us if we talk of leaving the EU.
Ed even asserts "the business community is genuinely very worried. I think they are genuinely worried that we're going to sleepwalk towards an exit under Cameron."
Nervously repeating himself because he knows he sounds so silly. What the business community is actually worried about is the danger of Britain REMAINING in the EU.
Pull the other one, Mr Miliband, it's got bells on it. It seems to me that Ed does not know what he is talking about. He is babbling a lot of nonsense, vacillating from side to side, and gambling on the fact that a percentage of robotic voters still think that voting Labour is just what you've got to do.

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