Monday, 26 November 2012

Stalinists Hacks of Rotherham Foster Myths about UKIP

It seems that the Politburo who run social services in Rotherham think UKIP is a racist party and even think that makes UKIP members unsuitable as foster parents.
How ignorant and bigoted can these lefties get? UKIP's policies are not racist. Yes, we are against granting citizen rights wholesale to an unlimited number of people from the EU - but that is not racist. UKIP's policy is to allow people to come here with a work permit if they are needed to do a specific job, but to keep out criminals, haters of this country and those who arrive just to claim benefits. Under the EU, we cannot discriminate between those groups. They are nothing to do with anybody's skin colour!
People who call us racist ought to ask themselves why Commonwealth citizens such as my sister-in-law who is an Indian citizen, now have to pay £1,000 for a visa to come to England. Yes £1,000! As a matter of fact, she was born in London. She earns a very handsome salary and is not going to be a burden on anyone. Why should she have to pay £1,000 for the right to visit England with her husband, a British citizen, while a Latvian can live here free and claim benefits?
Grow up, Rotherham. And if you don't put those children back, you will be hearing from us...

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