Friday, 23 November 2012

Prod off, Dave

So David Cameron thinks he needs to give the Church of England a jolly good "prod" from time to time, does he, to tell it what to do? Funny, I thought the reason people had religions was to tell the laity about morals, not for the laity to tell the church.
The fact is that David Cameron is burbling nonsense as usual. It is simply not true that the C of E is behind what he calls "wider society" in its attitudes. Why has there never been a woman head of the Bank of England? Look at our bankers - they are almost entirely men. Why has there never been a woman Chancellor of the Exchequer? Don't tell me that women are less good with money than men are, or I might die laughing. Why has there never been a woman director-general of the BBC?
It seems to have taken all of five minutes leafing through Lord Patten's address book to find the new executive chief of the BBC, and they have of course chosen a man, one with a public-school Oxbridge background. The pay is rumoured to be £800,000 p.a. which certainly exceeds the salaries of bishops. It's a lot more than most of my women friends take home, even if you count their child benefit and council tax rebate.

I don't hear David Cameron complaining. And I don't hear him complaining that the Muslims don't appoint women as imams and mullahs. Anyone who raised that subject would get a bomb pushed through their letter-box tomorrow morning.

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