Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Today, November 14th 2012, is a historic day.

In six countries across the EU there is a General Strike by citizens and workers, unionized and non-unionized, against the economic policies of the European Union.

Literally millions of people in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Belgium and France have joined the rallies, marches and protests today. In the streets of capital cities and all big towns they are waving banners denouncing the austerity measures imposed by the EU. They are burning the EU flag, they are denouncing the EU for taking away their democracy and they are very angry indeed. Factories are closed and transport is being disrupted. Emergency services such as firefighters and ambulance drivers are joining the strike and major roads are impassable.

The Brussels-based European Trade Union Confederation called its first “Day of Action and Solidarity” against policies that it says are crippling much of the 17-nation eurozone. Their anger is fuelled by the fact that the EU has suppressed democratic government in Greece and Italy, and treated the elected rulers of Spain and Portugal as puppets to do Mrs Merkel's bidding. Not since Hitler marched into Poland has there been such an impudent overturning of any European democracy.

Armed and helmeted police are manhandling protestors, who scatter leaflets saying "They leave us without a future!" Violence is breaking out everywhere.
This is proof that the policies of the EU have FAILED.
The austerity measures are being imposed to save the euro currency, something the eurocrats are obsessed with, The suffering and desperation of people in the Mediterranean countries is now a MAJOR INTERNATIONAL CRISIS.
This is not just a matter of unemployment statistics. This is a matter of human suffering that we cannot ignore. In Spain, Emaia Egana, a woman who could not pay her mortgage and was being evicted from her home, committed suicide. She jumped from the fourth floor window of her flat, prompting thousands of angry people in the Basque city of Barakaldo to march last weekend in protest against foreclosures and homelessness:-

It is estimated that more than 400,000 families have lost their homes due to unpaid rents since the start of Spain's financial crisis in 2007. What remedy does the EU offer? None but more wage-cuts, pension cuts and mounting taxes. Austerity means people literally scavenging for food in dustbins.
Meanwhile the average pension of the Eurocrats who impose this regime is £5,200 per month. Yes per month. Even in retirement, they are literally living like millionaires, and they are demanding a RISE in their own budget while imposing these crippling cuts and poverty on us plebs;

Only two days ago there were major riots in Warsaw against EU power and influence:-

Hundreds of thousands of people marched there not for the first time, and streets blazed. Polish conservatives realize that the EU, which started by giving them hand-outs, has taken most of their national assets in return and is now imposing a an alien, atheistical morality that is totally against their own beliefs and culture. They have been sold into moral slavery.

It has taken the people of Europe a long time to wake up to the madness of the EU system. They were promised peace, prosperity and a golden future. What they have got now is more like an omnishambles, to use the work just picked as word of the year by the OED.
What can we in England do about it? Well funnily enough there is something. There is an election tomorrow all over England. Even if you don't believe in electing Police and Crime Commissioners, you can use it as a way of showing you care what is happening in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Poland. By voting for the UKIP candidate you can join those brave people protesting in the streets of Rome, Madrid, Lisbon and Athens. You won't have to face guns and truncheons, firebombs and water-cannons, just walk to your local polling booth and if you live in Thames Valley vote for Barry Cooper. To vote for anyone else is to vote for the failed policies and chaos of today's EU.
Labour has not got any answers. The Libdems have got no answers. The Conservatives have got no answers. The Greens have got no answers and can't even make the lights work. Only UKIP in this situation has any policies that make sense. Send a message that these suffering countries MUST be released from the stranglehold of the single currency and must be allowed to elect their own leaders and choose their own policies. National sovereignty must be restored. Oh and we must leave the EU too, by the way.
Don't be inward-looking and bigoted - vote UKIP!!

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