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Licence for Licence - can the BBC survive?

We all paid Jimmy Saville because we all have to pay the TV licence fee if we have the box in our house. Never mind if we never watch BBC - you can't prove it and they don't care. You must pay for your TV licence and now that the Rupert Murdoch scandals are fading into history, we face again one of the moral dilemmas of our time. Which is worse: having a state broadcasting corporation that is corrupt, biassed and riddled with cronyism, or having media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch dominating the scene, owning more and more of our TV channels and newspapers, for private profit, without any claim of being neutral?
I never watched Top of the Pops, or Jim'll Fix It, because I found Jimmy Saville so utterly repulsive and it seems that my instincts were absolutely right. He was not just ugly, he was peculiar, vain, egotistical and terribly unfunny. He was loathsome, but the Beeb puffed him up into one of the greatest "celebs" of our time and that is an ethos we have got to learn to question.
Who is this new elite, the celebrities made overnight by TV, pop chart or film and endowed with glamour and enviability? Why do the media encourage us to worship them? Obviously, because our culture lacks anything else more solid to worship. The media set up celebs as idols, and some of these gods even claim to have a morality. Saville was a philanthropist, a do-gooder who made children's dreams come true, and he seems to have used that image successfully to disguise his unsavoury side. The permissive era of the sixties encouraged letting it ALL hang out, losing your inhibitions, right? It was inevitable that some nasty things would crawl out from under the stone.
From time to time over the years I have become irate with the BBC on account of its gross political bias towards the left and the Greens, and its flagrant slander of other political persuasions. I have tried cutting off my TV licence payments, but if you do you can be sent to gaol and when you eventually resume paying they force you to pay all the missing installments. They deduct these from your bank account regardless of whether you watched TV at all during that period. And what do they spend the money on? Revolting creeps like Jimmy Saville who molest youngsters in orphanages and then boast about it to their pals. Isn't it about time the BBC shook off this notion it has of a divine right to broadcast and to enjoy credibility? As more and more reports come in, it seems that the Beeb rivals the Catholic church when it comes to child molestation cover-ups.
I wonder if the BBC can survive this and I wonder if it deserves to survive. If we are paying for people like Saville, it does not. But I suppose what we are paying for at the end of the day is the chance to watch programmes of longer than fifteen minutes without interruption for advertising.

Postscript. There has been some discussion in the Daily Telegraph about how Harriet Harman, deputy leader of the Labour Party,are deeply implicated in the promotion and protection of paedophilia. It is a fact. The BBC-lefty-paedo-network is well documented. According to the Daily Telegraph 9th March 2009, Harriet Harman was the lawyer who personally represented the Paedophile Information Exchange when it was sheltered by the NCCL in the 1970s. Harman helped the PIE argue for lowering the age of consent and oppose and resist laws on child pornography in 1978. She went on representing them until 1982.
The view taken by Harman was the courts should have to prove that a child or young person was harmed rather than assuming any under-age sexual activity was a crime.

Harman was Legal Director of NCCL in 1980. And Motion 31 at the NCCL’s AGM that year went as follows:
“This motion notes with disapproval the continued harassment of the
organisations Paedophile Information Exchange and the Paedophiles
Action for Liberation, who are working for the rights of adults who
are sexually interested in children. We affirm that the existence of
these and any other lawful pressure groups should be threatened by
neither press nor police”
So Harman was directly involved at a senior level in an organisation that promoted and campaigned for paedophilia. [Source for this is Phyllis Bowman's 'Right to Life', drawing on original archives of NCCL in Hull.]
Any public inquiry into the BBC’s collusion with and covering up for Jimmy Savile needs also to look at the broader landscape
of high level paedophilia and its promotion, including especially
members of the NCCL. In particular, you will find that the research
which led to the implementation of Section 28 of the Local Government Bill uncovered a massive programme targeting children in schools, including those of a very young age, by socialist homosexual groups funded by the GLC.
These days, of course, they are backed by David Cameron, Theresa May
and Boris Johnson:

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  1. This scandal is truly toxic for the BBC I agree and the dragging of feet for an investigation is compounding the problem...the cover-up is nearly always worse than the original problem.

    That said there is an element of schadenfreude from the rest of the media but one wonders how much the BBC realises it's in trouble - it will taint a substantial part of its output, particularly as we're coming to the time of the year for 'Children in Need'