Friday, 19 October 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Martin Schultz, the President of the EU Parliament, has put a picture of himself on his Facebook page beaming with delight as the team of four highly-trained chefs of the Parliament present him with a special cake to celebrate getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mr Schultz commented wittily "I'm not sure I'm going to share it with my 753 colleagues!" No indeed, that would not leave much for Mr Schultz. He will take the cake home and eat all of it himself.
He will definitely not share it with any of the rioters who were throwing petrol bombs and bricks in Athens today.

The almost universal derision that has greeted the announcement of the Peace Prize is a sign that opinion world-wide is beginning to turn against the failed EU project. Just reading some of the comments that people are putting on Mr Schultz's page gives you an idea of how popular he is. Beneath the photo of him holding the cake, a Dutch reader named Rowan-Ewout Dekker has posted:-

Dear Mr. Schulz, how about an apology for your statement in today's edition of "Volkskrant" that the Dutch people are "small minded" ?
Do you think that it's appropriate to say such a thing about an entire nation? You of all people should know that spreading offensive stereotypes about a certain group of people can lead to bad things... It would also be nice if you could control yourself a bit with regards to how you respond to people who don't support your Imperial euro-federalist dream. You have called euro-sceptics "mentally weak", "fascists" and now "small minded". Show some respect for other opinions ok?

Underneath a "very nice 360 degrees panorama of the European Parliament in Strasbourg" (only one of their many very nice and lavish buildings) somebody called Uturunka Dulom has commented:-

Beautiful, when I become homeless I would like to get a bedroom there!

And below that, where Mr Schultz shows how generously he supports an anti-poverty charity, the same person writes:-

I would like to help, but, in this moment, I cannot afford to pay 10 euros a month. I pay too many useless taxes in Spain. I am using private health insurance because all public services are almost bankrupt, electricity and gas supplies get higher and higher, Internet is very expensive as well as phone calls and I am earning -40% money in my job that during 2011.

Underneath the announcement of the prize itself, there are hundreds of messages, many of them scathing such as this one:-
Michael Voemel a joke not more!
12 October at 17:57 ·

and this one:-
Lamberto Censi and where was The European Parliament when in SARAJEVO, SREBRENICA and all Bosnia and Herzegovina happened massacres and violences?.. you should be ashamed!!

Charles Dornach links to an article that says the EU is "more like war than peace":-
13 October at 14:32

Erich Mainusch writes: A bad joke for the poor!!! But who cares. And the stupids are happy.

So the comments go on and on, in German, Polish, Czech, Latvian etc etc.
And a Spanish commentator,Isac Ramòn Castellanos, adds this sombre reflection in Italian:-

Non possiamo considerare un regime legitimo che fa violenzia contra suo popolo.

(We cannot consider a government legal when it commits violence against its own people.)

Mr Schultz, the writing is on the wall. Your wall. For all you greedy corrupt fat cat Eurocrats (including the Maltese commissioner who just resigned after an investigation by OLAF the details of which are not being released to the public who just pay for these things).

Listen to the voices. They are telling you that the EU is a failure and its tyranny is making more and more people chafe.

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