Friday, 19 October 2012

Headington Shamed in Binge Drinking Report

I am horrified to read in the Oxford Times that Oxford's binge-drinking problem is worst in the South-East area. That puts Headington to shame. What on earth are we in the North-East of Oxford going to do to catch up?
All I've had to drink tonight, and it's a Friday, is two glasses of Tuscan red (Giordano Toscano Rosso Gold Label 2007), which is hardly a binge. Earlier this evening a young Facebook friend told me he was tippling from a bottle of absinthe, which is 80%. That's the sort of competition we are up against. It's about time that we all went out to the pubs, the off-licences, and the supermarkets, to say nothing of the corner-shops, and took full advantage of the fact that no Scottish Nationalist spoilsport has yet imposed a minimum price for booze on us HERE.


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