Saturday, 1 September 2012

Wrong Again, Dr Bob!

Dr Bob owes me an apology (what again? Yes, again!) And he owes a young woman called Alesha an apology as well.
A few months ago I referred to the sad case of Shafilea Ahmed the young Muslim girl who disappeared from her home in Warrington, Cheshire, in 2003, nine years ago.
The body of 17-year-old Shafilea was found dumped in a river in Sedgwick, in the Lake District. There was no explanation. Then in 2010,
Shafilea's younger sister Alesha Ahmed told the police that Shafilea had been murdered by their parents, because she had not wanted to accept an arranged marriage in Pakistan.
>>>When I referred to this case, which had got to court in May 2012, the internet troll who calls himself Dr Bob cast scorn on the accusation, saying that it was brought by a teenage girl who had already been accused of stealing from her parents' house. So Alesha was lying, was she?
Shortly afterwards, letters turned up written by Shafilea's elder sister Mevish Ahmed in 2008 to her close friend Shahin Munir. These letters confirmed everything that Alesha had said. On 3rd August 2012, Shafilea’s parents Farzana and Iftikhar Ahmed, were both convicted of her murder and sent to gaol for 25 years. It emerged that Shafilea had been regularly beaten at home, and had attempted suicide six months earlier to avoid an arranged marriage. She was so unhappy that she had tried repeatedly to run away since the age of 11.

Sounds as if Dr Bob owes me an apology (and another one to Alesha)but that's more than you can expect from people like him.
Of course anybody who points out the incompatibility of islamic ideology with Western notions of human rights, is automatically compared to Anders Breivik. Breivik's crime gets a lot of media attention, but what about the almost daily massacres of innocent civilians by muslim fanatics? That barely reaches the UK news, let alone the headlines. In Afghanistan last week, the Taliban massacred seventeen young people at a party because they were mixing with the opposite sex and possibly also drinking alcohol. Shortly afterwards, they beheaded a 12-year-old boy near Kandahar. A 6-year-old girl was beheaded by her own family in Kapisa province. And in July the Taliban actually skinned a 16-year-old victim after beheading him.
My Labour MP Andrew Smith tells me what a wonderful job our troops have done freeing Afghanistan from the Taliban. Like hell!
Why do our western TV channels give so little attention to the growing persecution of Christians in Pakistan, Egypt and Nigeria? They are ignoring what amounts to a 1939 situation. People are being massacred and some of them even crucified by islamic fanatics. Last year the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said that 1800 Christian and Hindu girls were forcibly converted to Islam. In Iran, Christian priest Youcef Nadarkhani is in prison right now facing the death sentence for his faith.
Shafilea Ahmed was murdered on the family sofa in Warrington, in full view of her brothers and sisters, in a country that supposedly has laws on human rights and women's rights. Some people will try to palliate that by saying that lots of other non-Muslim women are murdered. Some non-Muslims even murder their own children. But stop and consider this - Shafilea's death was an ideological murder. She was killed for disobeying the Koran, and in fact according to Sharia law her parents and relatives have a "right" to kill women whose behaviour "dishonours" the family. How many more tragedies of this kind will take place while soggy-minded people continue to make excuses?

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