Sunday, 23 September 2012

We've GOT a Referendum Already

All the opinion polls agree that at least half of the British public now wants to leave the EU. According to some polls, it is a sixty-five percent majority.
Even with the biassed pro-EU press that we have got it is getting harder and harder to prevent the public finding out some of the grim facts about the failure of the European Union plan.
Our media virtually ignored the huge protest demonstrations going on in Spain during this past week, where angry mobs of people have taken to the streets in protest against the austerity regime imposed by Merkel and Co. Here in England that was brushed aside, But most people do get to know, one way or another, about the mad EU laws, the thousands of petty restrictive regulations, the corruption, the economic melt-down into debt and disaster, the endless bail-outs of hundreds of billions, the spreading unemployment, the autocracy, the replacement of democratically elected leaders by puppets from Brussels...
Yes, people in Britain want to leave the EU. And a hundred thousand of them signed a petition to the government asking for a referendum on the subject. What was the result? There was a debate about it in the House of Commons. How exciting! except that nobody went. The MPs were all told by their LibLabCon bosses to stay away. The few who attended stood and talked to a row of empty green benches. The petition was treated with contempt. That is all you can expect from our political class. They are not in it to listen to you and me.
However often the leaders of the LibLabCon talk about offering a referendum, I don't believe they will ever give one. They are lying skunks... ahem, sorry, they are not wholly reliable when it comes to carrying out undertakings given. If they did it would be conducted just like the one in Ireland when the Irish voted against the Lisbon Treaty and were then simply made to vote all over again, until they gave a Yes answer. Huge amounts of EU money (our taxes) were used to finance propaganda on the Yes side of the campaign.
Well here is some good news for everybody who wants a Referendum. You've already got one. Every election held in this country is a referendum on whether we should stay in the EU, and to vote NO all you have to do is to vote UKIP. UKIP is the party that has consistently opposed EU membership and predicted all the calamities and loss of democratic rights that we now see happening. If you vote UKIP in a local, parliamentary or EU election, you are voting to leave the corrupt, chaotic EU and regain our birthright of governing ourselves. There is another EU election coming up in 2014 and it cannot be stopped. More and more people (even the BBC) are predicting that UKIP who came second in the last one will win in 2014.
What better referendum could we have?
Yes it's long time to wait until 2014. But it's getting closer all the time. The worst thing you could do if you want a referendum is to vote for the newly-formed splinter-group calling itself "We Want A Referendum". This so-called party is not really political party but only a pressure-group, as it has no policies apart from holding a referendum on leaving the EU. It is led by Nikki Sinclaire, the former UKIP MEP who is still being investigated for irregularities in her expenses claims. They were petty offences and most other MEPS claim far more, but they were stupid offences, and Nikki's stance now is stupid. Why vote for "I Want a Referendum" when we have already got a referendum if we use the forthcoming elections as just that?
Why vote to get what you have got already, and thus miss your chances of taking part in that referendum? It doesn't make sense. The calibre of people Nikki is recruiting into her new pressure-group-party does not inspire confidence. The star performer is apparently someone called Katie Hopkins. I had never heard of her, until she appeared on the Daily Politics Show where her performance was not brilliant. We were told that she had been a contestant on a TV show called The Apprentice. Gosh, is that all? You can see just how popular Katie is and what people think about her by going to this link on the internet:-

Hmmmm...not many votes to be picked up there I feel.

So if you want a referendum, smile: YOU'VE GOT ONE. If you don't want a referendum then vote for the party that demands one and you will get nothing at all. So everybody will be happy.

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