Saturday, 22 September 2012

£15,000 Litter Bin for Headington

Oxford's Labour Council is still notorious for having equipped the city centre with some hideous benches that are quite unbenchlike and cost £30,000 each. Yes, £30,000 per bench.
Now they are keeping up their reputation for conspicuous extravagance by ordering a new sort of litterbin. Priced at a mere £15,000 the so-called "smart" litter-bins are solar-powered and and can send e-mails.
No, it's not April 1st. The wonder-bins use solar power to compress large amounts of waste and then use the internet to contact the council and announce that they need to be emptied. One of the first has already been installed in Bury Knowle Park in Headington. One of the many advantages of this £15,000 bin is that it will enable to council to save money by dispensing with the services of mere humans. Four people will be made redundant by the trendy smart-bin and will be sent to the dole queue. After all, if they're not solar-powered or wind powered, people are a bit superfluous now aren't they? All those unwanted CO2 emissions. Bins don't have children to clutter the place up either.
The new bin is so smart maybe it should have its own Facebook page. There it can put photographs of its family, their dog, their cat and any other bins it has made friends with. It can invite you to its parties and if it gets drunk you can report it for "BINge drinking".

An ideal receptacle you might think for the next Labour manifesto?

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