Sunday, 23 September 2012

We've GOT a Referendum Already

All the opinion polls agree that at least half of the British public now wants to leave the EU. According to some polls, it is a sixty-five percent majority.
Even with the biassed pro-EU press that we have got it is getting harder and harder to prevent the public finding out some of the grim facts about the failure of the European Union plan.
Our media virtually ignored the huge protest demonstrations going on in Spain during this past week, where angry mobs of people have taken to the streets in protest against the austerity regime imposed by Merkel and Co. Here in England that was brushed aside, But most people do get to know, one way or another, about the mad EU laws, the thousands of petty restrictive regulations, the corruption, the economic melt-down into debt and disaster, the endless bail-outs of hundreds of billions, the spreading unemployment, the autocracy, the replacement of democratically elected leaders by puppets from Brussels...
Yes, people in Britain want to leave the EU. And a hundred thousand of them signed a petition to the government asking for a referendum on the subject. What was the result? There was a debate about it in the House of Commons. How exciting! except that nobody went. The MPs were all told by their LibLabCon bosses to stay away. The few who attended stood and talked to a row of empty green benches. The petition was treated with contempt. That is all you can expect from our political class. They are not in it to listen to you and me.
However often the leaders of the LibLabCon talk about offering a referendum, I don't believe they will ever give one. They are lying skunks... ahem, sorry, they are not wholly reliable when it comes to carrying out undertakings given. If they did it would be conducted just like the one in Ireland when the Irish voted against the Lisbon Treaty and were then simply made to vote all over again, until they gave a Yes answer. Huge amounts of EU money (our taxes) were used to finance propaganda on the Yes side of the campaign.
Well here is some good news for everybody who wants a Referendum. You've already got one. Every election held in this country is a referendum on whether we should stay in the EU, and to vote NO all you have to do is to vote UKIP. UKIP is the party that has consistently opposed EU membership and predicted all the calamities and loss of democratic rights that we now see happening. If you vote UKIP in a local, parliamentary or EU election, you are voting to leave the corrupt, chaotic EU and regain our birthright of governing ourselves. There is another EU election coming up in 2014 and it cannot be stopped. More and more people (even the BBC) are predicting that UKIP who came second in the last one will win in 2014.
What better referendum could we have?
Yes it's long time to wait until 2014. But it's getting closer all the time. The worst thing you could do if you want a referendum is to vote for the newly-formed splinter-group calling itself "We Want A Referendum". This so-called party is not really political party but only a pressure-group, as it has no policies apart from holding a referendum on leaving the EU. It is led by Nikki Sinclaire, the former UKIP MEP who is still being investigated for irregularities in her expenses claims. They were petty offences and most other MEPS claim far more, but they were stupid offences, and Nikki's stance now is stupid. Why vote for "I Want a Referendum" when we have already got a referendum if we use the forthcoming elections as just that?
Why vote to get what you have got already, and thus miss your chances of taking part in that referendum? It doesn't make sense. The calibre of people Nikki is recruiting into her new pressure-group-party does not inspire confidence. The star performer is apparently someone called Katie Hopkins. I had never heard of her, until she appeared on the Daily Politics Show where her performance was not brilliant. We were told that she had been a contestant on a TV show called The Apprentice. Gosh, is that all? You can see just how popular Katie is and what people think about her by going to this link on the internet:-

Hmmmm...not many votes to be picked up there I feel.

So if you want a referendum, smile: YOU'VE GOT ONE. If you don't want a referendum then vote for the party that demands one and you will get nothing at all. So everybody will be happy.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

£15,000 Litter Bin for Headington

Oxford's Labour Council is still notorious for having equipped the city centre with some hideous benches that are quite unbenchlike and cost £30,000 each. Yes, £30,000 per bench.
Now they are keeping up their reputation for conspicuous extravagance by ordering a new sort of litterbin. Priced at a mere £15,000 the so-called "smart" litter-bins are solar-powered and and can send e-mails.
No, it's not April 1st. The wonder-bins use solar power to compress large amounts of waste and then use the internet to contact the council and announce that they need to be emptied. One of the first has already been installed in Bury Knowle Park in Headington. One of the many advantages of this £15,000 bin is that it will enable to council to save money by dispensing with the services of mere humans. Four people will be made redundant by the trendy smart-bin and will be sent to the dole queue. After all, if they're not solar-powered or wind powered, people are a bit superfluous now aren't they? All those unwanted CO2 emissions. Bins don't have children to clutter the place up either.
The new bin is so smart maybe it should have its own Facebook page. There it can put photographs of its family, their dog, their cat and any other bins it has made friends with. It can invite you to its parties and if it gets drunk you can report it for "BINge drinking".

An ideal receptacle you might think for the next Labour manifesto?

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Nonsense of Hate Crime

"Hate crime" is a such a weird concept - as if it's possible to have a friendly murder, a nice kind theft or beat someone up as a favour!!!!!
This category was invented by people who not only illogical but seem to lack a sense of humour. For there to be such a thing as a "hate-crime", there would need to be a sort of crime that is not hostile or hurtful. Otherwise why have two distinct categories?
Ask yourself how it is possible to carry out an assault, a burglary or a financial fraud as an act of warm affection. Does the criminal who knocks over an old woman, steals her handbag with all her money and leaves her lying on the pavement with a broken wrist and collarbone, act out of philanthropy? Does he show her how much he cares about her and about society in general?
You would have to be crazy to think so. And the people who framed these laws about so-called "hate-crime" are just that. Crazy. If somebody is cheated out of all their savings by a deliberate scam are the criminals motivated by love? If a drug-pusher sells cocaine to teenagers, or a drunken driver kills another road-user, are they showing altruism? Showering benevolence on their fellow-man? Does it matter what skin colour or religious belief the respective parties have? No, all crime is "hate-crime" and all crime is bad.
So there is no reason at all to have a separate category for "hate-crime". The term tries to turn the police into politicians and psychiatrists, instead of what they are - merely state employees whose job is to protect everybody if they can, and, when a crime takes place, get the baddies arrested and charged.
When I was a candidate for the local council, my house was vandalized on the day of the election, but nobody called that a "hate-crime". Only some people it seems, can be hated, while others just get their front doors smashed in out of neighbourly kind feeling.
At this moment, when there are cuts in what we spend on policing and social care for the elderly, why have we got so much money to spend on hate-crime that there are special advertisements recruiting local co-ordinators for hate-crime reporting?
Yes, if you want to report a crime against one particular religious group, you will get special funding and a special form to help you do it, and a local co-ordinator paid to ...well, to co-ordinate you. If you have a problem of any other kind, you have to cope with cuts and staff shortage.

The good old principle is that everybody should be equal in the eyes of the law. It is a sound principle and it is a fair principle. I applaud Godfrey Bloom for standing up for this principle and I wish all success to his campaign to become Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside. Backed by a former Deputy Chief Constable of Humberside, Mike Speakman, GODFREY BLOOM is the only credible candidate.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Prom Fever

A strange time warp hit south-west London yesterday, and several thousand Edwardians were transported to the Albert Hall from their own era. They were seen waving flags, and heard singing imperialist, jingoistic songs. Jubilant and in party mood, they appeared to believe that Britain was still a great world power, with a massive empire, not a timid little state passively taking orders from Brussels.

Have we finally mastered time travel or could it be they were just a crowd of extras wandering off the set of Parade's End or Downton Abbey?
"Rule, Britannia"! they sang and stomped their feet. "Britannia Rules the Waves!" Actually Britannia now has fewer frigates than the Somalian pirates. "Britons never, never, never shall be slaves!" Apart from the fact that the EU now tells you what kind of car you can drive, how much you must pay to insure it, what kind of boiler you can buy for your house, what kind of slug-killer you can put on your garden, what kind of moth-balls you can use for your clothes, and it generates hundreds of other new laws, prohibitions and regulations every month.

Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the free,

BRITISH OLD AGED PENSIONER, (after paying Income Tax and
National Insurance all their working life)
Weekly allowance: £106.00
(No Income Tax and National Insurance contribution whatsoever)
Weekly allowance: £250.00

How shall we extol thee, we who are born of thee?

Weekly Spouse Allowance: £25.00.

Weekly Spouse Allowance: £225.00

Wider still and wider, shall thy bounds be set,

Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £0.00

Additional Weekly Hardship Allowance: £100.00

God who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet!



God who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet!


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Wrong Again, Dr Bob!

Dr Bob owes me an apology (what again? Yes, again!) And he owes a young woman called Alesha an apology as well.
A few months ago I referred to the sad case of Shafilea Ahmed the young Muslim girl who disappeared from her home in Warrington, Cheshire, in 2003, nine years ago.
The body of 17-year-old Shafilea was found dumped in a river in Sedgwick, in the Lake District. There was no explanation. Then in 2010,
Shafilea's younger sister Alesha Ahmed told the police that Shafilea had been murdered by their parents, because she had not wanted to accept an arranged marriage in Pakistan.
>>>When I referred to this case, which had got to court in May 2012, the internet troll who calls himself Dr Bob cast scorn on the accusation, saying that it was brought by a teenage girl who had already been accused of stealing from her parents' house. So Alesha was lying, was she?
Shortly afterwards, letters turned up written by Shafilea's elder sister Mevish Ahmed in 2008 to her close friend Shahin Munir. These letters confirmed everything that Alesha had said. On 3rd August 2012, Shafilea’s parents Farzana and Iftikhar Ahmed, were both convicted of her murder and sent to gaol for 25 years. It emerged that Shafilea had been regularly beaten at home, and had attempted suicide six months earlier to avoid an arranged marriage. She was so unhappy that she had tried repeatedly to run away since the age of 11.

Sounds as if Dr Bob owes me an apology (and another one to Alesha)but that's more than you can expect from people like him.
Of course anybody who points out the incompatibility of islamic ideology with Western notions of human rights, is automatically compared to Anders Breivik. Breivik's crime gets a lot of media attention, but what about the almost daily massacres of innocent civilians by muslim fanatics? That barely reaches the UK news, let alone the headlines. In Afghanistan last week, the Taliban massacred seventeen young people at a party because they were mixing with the opposite sex and possibly also drinking alcohol. Shortly afterwards, they beheaded a 12-year-old boy near Kandahar. A 6-year-old girl was beheaded by her own family in Kapisa province. And in July the Taliban actually skinned a 16-year-old victim after beheading him.
My Labour MP Andrew Smith tells me what a wonderful job our troops have done freeing Afghanistan from the Taliban. Like hell!
Why do our western TV channels give so little attention to the growing persecution of Christians in Pakistan, Egypt and Nigeria? They are ignoring what amounts to a 1939 situation. People are being massacred and some of them even crucified by islamic fanatics. Last year the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said that 1800 Christian and Hindu girls were forcibly converted to Islam. In Iran, Christian priest Youcef Nadarkhani is in prison right now facing the death sentence for his faith.
Shafilea Ahmed was murdered on the family sofa in Warrington, in full view of her brothers and sisters, in a country that supposedly has laws on human rights and women's rights. Some people will try to palliate that by saying that lots of other non-Muslim women are murdered. Some non-Muslims even murder their own children. But stop and consider this - Shafilea's death was an ideological murder. She was killed for disobeying the Koran, and in fact according to Sharia law her parents and relatives have a "right" to kill women whose behaviour "dishonours" the family. How many more tragedies of this kind will take place while soggy-minded people continue to make excuses?