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What Lib Dems Really Think About Clegg

The following posts about Nick Clegg were made not by UKIP members but by Lib Dem members on their own Facebook page in the last couple of weeks:-

John Redmond The Only ship I`d Love to see Clegg on:- "TITANIC", although his party can now be truly viewed as being one that has already "Hit an Iceberg" and will sink "Out of View at the Next Gen Election" <-8
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Alistair Brown he's lost an entire generation of voters by cocking up the student fees thing.
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15 July
A strange comment coming from Clegg.['Stop apologising,' says Clegg.]
He should be on his knees begging forgiveness from the people of Britain and his own Party members and supporters, for the treachery and evil cynicism that he has been guilty of since the ConDem coalition came into existence. Clegg has condemned the Liberal democrats to political oblivion for decades to come by his own lust for "power" and personal ambition.

Daniel Phillips Clegg is an idiot.
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Julian Mildren Isn't one of the Sheffield seats that of a certain Deputy PM? Another nail in the LD coffin
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• Darren Cxf He should be arrested and charged with TREASON.
13 July at 17:28 • Like • 1
• Mark Doran I think he's on the lookout for a new job..

Graeme Mount Good to see the LibDems were beaten by the Monster Raving Loony Party in St. Ives East last night. The rout has stated!
Darren Nelson Nick Clegg came to power by joining hands with a right wing party, I voted Lib Dem and got Conservative. He told us he was shocked by the budget deficeit,but now it's well known that all three parties were campaigning with promises they wouldn't be able to keep.Many voted for LD because of their supposed stance on human rights issues,but since coming to power they have flagrantly disregarded their "commitment".If you disagree,I will be most pleased to show you why.
Steve Brind ‎" a time for reflection". Best take that advice then Nick. On I forgot. You're a) an atheist and b) lack integrity (ref actions since the election) so I guess we can add this video message, together with the the rest of your religious festival videos, to the bulging file labelled 'hypocrite'
Keith Comber You are so right Steve, Clegg reinforces my opinion that politicians in general are liars and hypocrites. They will tell you what you want to hear then as soon as they are in power will do what is best for them.

Sam Gage Good news, but I like how the banner at the top still shows Clegg lying to a bunch of students.

Jim Mooreposted to Liberal Democrats 16 July
Why don't Clegg and Cameron accept that the best benefit the country would have if these two fools stepped down
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Nick Wale Haha they live in a dream world Jim... Dream world.. I think Cameron still thinks he will win the next election haha :)
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Vote for the Liberal DemocratZ, putting the Z in Zombie, this is the party of the living dead .... it died a long time agos but shuffles on not realising
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15 July

Nick Clegg's new song-and-dance act
Chris Riddell on the Liberal Democrat leader's Lords reform woes.
They complain Clegg could have blocked the NHS reform bill but preferred to go for Lords reform instead.
A lot of Lib Dems were critical of Nick Clegg’s friendly gestures to the Muslim community and queried why he is hostile to other communities:-

Sherlia Aziz That is a very nice gesture by the Nick Clegg. [referring to his greeting for the start of Ramadan]
Sandra Lanigan Yes, let us hope he will be similarly forthcoming at Christmas and Easter, for the benefit of the Christians who live in UK
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Michael Koropisz a big thank you to the libdem council of stockport for the refusal of the proposed muslamic mosque in reddish

Now if that was found on a UKIP page people would be screaming “islamophobic! Nazi!”
Same with this:

Linda Leighton
16 July
BOYCOTT HALAL - Join Us & protect British Traditions

Boycott Halal
We aim to Boycott all companies and organisations that promote or use Halal products and services in order to reduce demand and slow production. We aim to avoid Halal Farm or Fork or Finance. We aim to support our own country's economy by seeking out and buying mainstream traditional products and u...
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NOTE Six Thousand seven hundred people agreed with this.
Lower down a loyal Lib Dem suggests a referendum on EU membership!!! Yes, this comes from the same people who call UKIP xenophobic and racist!!!!

Alan Will shared a link. 15 July

The People’s Pledge
The People’s Pledge is a new campaign to secure a referendum on Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

And the page includes this delightful piece of conspiracy theory:
Paul Smithposted toLiberal Democrats
13 July via Mobile
What the public needs to know is both Romney and Obama are CFR members, agents of the Rockefellers, an agent of the Crown of England. Their goal is the same, bankrupt the USA and destroy the US Constitution, and subdue the country for England. It's time for the American people to rise up and fight.

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