Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ed Jumps On the Olympic Bandwagon

Only last week Ed Miliband was in France drooling on (as best he could with the aid of a translator) about how important it is to remain in the EU regardless of cost.
Now, on the advice of his latest Australian spin doctor, a 28-year-old with an unpronounceable name, Ed has decided to play the PATRIOT card. Labour has noticed a lot of people waving Union Jacks to support our Olympic team and Labour wants their votes. Surprise, surprise. So now he is trying to cash in by saying the Britain is great and Labour stands for national pride and traditional values. What nonsense.
Yes, the team called Great Britain did brilliantly and got an amazing lot of medals - but unfortunately Great Britain doesn't exist any more. It is just a province of the EU. Our Prime Minister takes orders from Brussels, and so will the Prime Minister of any future "independent" Scotland.
The athletes did well because every single one of them was psyched up for competition. Competition brought out the very best in each of them, competition on a tough, ruthless, global scale. They slogged for years under the eye of their coaches to get the nerve to go out there and compete with the whole world. Competition is cruel but it results in excellence.
And competition is not a Labour value. Competition is contrary to everything that Labour stands for. Labour has done everything it can to remove competition from our culture, our education system and even from our school sports. Labour has imposed a doctrine of mutual co-operation and mediocrity, a doctrine that "everybody must be made to feel like a winner". The result is that nobody does particularly well, nobody achieves excellence and standards slip below mediocrity into sheer awfulness. When nobody is allowed to fail, we all end up failing.
Labour's party machine is busy issuing meaningless blurbs as ever:- "Jon Cruddas, the head of Labour's policy review and a long-term friend of Soutphommasane, said the Olympics had helped to crystallise Labour's mission to "rebuild Britain" and showed that conditions were in place to build a sense of national purpose through civic participation." But what national purpose can we have if we are not a nation? We don't govern ourselves, and millions of the people here are just passing through. What does he mean by "civic participation"?
The hard fact is that the EU has compelled us to privatize our NHS and Royal Mail and will continue to compel us to privatize everything else so that we can keep our figures for public spending down in line with EU policy.
Ed the Red is a fraud. He is not just capitalizing on the Olympics. He is capitalizing on people's ignorance and naiveté.

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