Sunday, 15 July 2012

Work in Progress

If you were doing a job on a water-pipe underneath the road, don't you think it would be a good idea to start it on a Friday afternoon, and cordon off the entire width of the road so that cars can't get through?
Park a massive great JCB on it, with a pile of a couple of tons of sand, and attach a selection of signs to the barriers, advertising your company. Then go off for the weekend leaving the job unfinished and the road blocked until Monday morning. Great idea isn't it? After all, the people in the cars that arrive between Friday evening and Monday morning can all just turn around and drive around the block, can't they - what are they complaining about?
That's just what has happened here in Trinity Road this weekend, which happens to be the weekend of the church fete. Very helpful. Never mind, there is some good news. One of the many bollards placed along the pavement by the meddling council has been bashed right over and dislodged from the ground, presumably by a heavy vehicle that wouldn't have been coming up that way except for the fact that the other end of the road was cordoned off. It's an ill wind...

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