Thursday, 19 July 2012

U-turn Clegg Gives Jobs to His Cronies

We are told that the unemployment figures in this country are finally going down, and the government wants to take credit.
It's not all the Olympics, you know, although there are a few - just a few! - legal and British workers in the figures there. It's mainly caused by Nick Clegg spending £900,000 on fourteen personal advisors. Yes, they are paid more than £70,000 p.a. on average and all out of public funds. One of them Jonny Oates, gets £98,000!
In 2009 Mr Clegg said that political advisors should be regarded as the employees of their political party, not the state. Now he helps himself to public money for fourteen advisors and it all comes out of our taxes.
Most of these advisors probably have Libdem sympathies and there is nothing to prevent them making a large donation out of their salaries to the funds of the Libdem party. The money would be making a rather short journey from the public treasury straight into Clegg's funds for the next election, and all perfectly legal.

This is what I wrote about Clegg in April 2010 when I warned students not to believe his promises about tuition fees:-
With only a few days to go till the election it is vital to make all students aware that there is only one party that wants to abolish tuition fees immediately (not in the dim and distant future) and knows how to fund its promises too.
Oxford Brookes has invited Nick Clegg to speak tomorrow yet Clegg is a crook and a sham.
He's accepted £3.5 million in illegal donations to the Libdems and he brazened it out completely on TV Channel 4 to Jon Snow denying any wrongdoing. The donations came from tax-dodgers, non-domiciled citizens and people who got the money by criminal means. Don't let a man with only 5 years experience of being an MP and no ministerial experience at all, become prime minister because he is good at telling lies.
He has changed his mind about a referendum on EU membership, on Trident and on countless other things. You can't trust a word he says. The Libdems are notorious for expenses fiddling. They claimed everything from biscuits to a trouser-press on expenses.

The promise-breaking, the U-turns, the untrustworthiness.
Clegg's ratings on a graph look like the Big Slide in a kid's swimming-pool - whooosh, and down we go!
I wonder what £900,000 worth of advice looks like. No chance it will say "Get lost" I suppose.


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