Monday, 16 July 2012

Well Done, Baroness Cox

Caroline Cox is certainly one of the heroines of our time.
While most politicians are just up there for the money, the fat pensions and the freebies, she has spent her life slogging around some of the world's most dangerous and violent countries - including Burma, Nigeria and Sudan - doing her utmost for Human Rights.
After campaigning to raise £100,000 from Evangelical Churches, Baroness Cox, who is now 75, went to the Sudan and used it to recover and free over 2,000 slaves. She has used her training as a nurse and sociologist to work for disability charities world-wide and now she is bringing a bill in the House of Lords, the Arbitration and Mediation Services Equality Bill, to limit the power of Sharia courts in Britain in order to protect women.

Of Sharia law, she says, "The fundamental problem in the Sharia system is that it totally favours the man. I've mentioned divorce and child custody. As far as domestic violence is concerned, I've spoken to many women who have been seriously abused and they've gone to the Sharia council/Sharia court and they've just been told to go back and live with their husband again and give him a second chance. There is no protection order, no constraining order and I have spoken to quite a lot of women who have suffered that."

An idiotic website called "Islamophobia Watch" has made out that Baroness Cox must have some sinister motive for doing this. In fact, they say that to claim she is interested in "human rights" is "laughable".
In case you don't see what is so laughable about it, Baroness Cox is a co-founder of The International Islamic Christian Organisation for Reconciliation and Reconstruction. Hilarious isn't it?
She also is the founder and CEO of an organisation called the Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust and in its cause she has travelled to Nagorno Karabagh, East and West Burma, East Timor, India, Nigeria, southern Sudan and northern Uganda. Ludicrous, isn't it? Are you all laughing?

If you still can't see the joke, spare a thought for Shiria Khatun, a Muslim woman and local councillor in Tower Hamlets, who got threatening phone calls from the local menfolk when she went out not wearing a burka. Threats were made not only against her, but also her four young children. "In one they warned they would dig up Shiria's parents’ graves and bury her there instead."
Jolly good laugh isn't it? Only a very strange person would imagine there was any "human rights" issue there.

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