Sunday, 22 July 2012

Squabbling Gays Call Each Other Bizarre Bigots.

It seems that the LGBT group of Oxford University students has broken down in disarray. Quarrelling, squabbling and insulting each other acrimoniously, they have fallen apart as a group and are incapable of running the expected calendar of termly events.
"Bigoted" and "bizarre" are among the names that gay students are throwing at each other on the LGBT website, where mutual intolerance is much in evidence, indeed it is rife. One student Alex Brahmham writes, "As one of the University’s largest and most important societies, LGBTQ, has crumbled down to only the core that depend on it and it’s time to ask why students have turned away."
He describes the mentality of the people who form these groups: "The closed cliquey dynamic equips those involved with an artificial sense of security and a bizarre expectation for this language to propagate outside the group. Suddenly anyone with differing opinions is the enemy and a threat to the precious safe space. These people are the real bigots."
He mocks their affected language and their determination to censor and suppress the free expression of others: "spouting words like ‘patriachy’, ‘genderqueer’, ‘ex-gay’ and every -ism and -phobia under the sun. Other words are either deleted or appropriated, like ‘queer’ and ‘slut’, and the new language is policed to a 1984 Orwellian level." He even questions their fundamental attitude that they are still victims and have nothing positive to be grateful for: "The University has a clear harassment code in place, and with good reason, but the ‘safe space’ bigots seek to overwrite this with their own code of conduct and procedures, which are ultimately poorly executed. Why must we gather to discuss negative aspects of our identities when there are so many positive aspects to celebrate?"
An anonymous student adds, "Regardless of the safe space issue, the lgbtq society committee has stranded its members this term. It has disabled posting-rights on their (our) facebook page, removing any possibility of spontaneous organisation, then only tabled half the usual number of events for Trinity."
The complaint adds, "I would have far more time for the professional offence takers if they did more (or even anything) to actually make lgbtq students’ lives easier in some way. If they think that it’s important to support the most marginalised then that’s fine, but I don’t see why they have to do that INSTEAD of holding weekly drinks events. There is no point at all in having high-minded abstract values if you cannot translate them into any tangible benefit for anyone who is lgbtq in Oxford."
He goes on, "I completely agree that whether or not it is offensive to be called a “girl” is a completely trivial issue.I hope that the president, whoever it is next term, has a better sense of priority than these clowns."
Tom Oakley explains, "Let’s be very clear: the in-fighting started when an 18-year-old female undergraduate objected to the use of the word ‘girls’ to describe other female undergraduates. Cue influx of people broadly accusing everyone else of transphobia, and lots of unpleasantness. People started accusing other people of doing stuff they hadn’t done, and of saying things they never actually said."
Dear oh dear, what a surprise. This is the same student group that so hysterically attacked UKIP candidate Julia Gasper for defending the traditional definition of marriage, and labelled her a "gay-hater". It seems they can't get on with anyone!

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