Tuesday, 10 July 2012

EU Funds Forced Abortions in China

>>>What the hell is the EU doing funding family planning services in China?
Can't China pay for its own social programmes?
Did you know that some of your £50 million per day paid to the EU goes on subsidizing the Chinese government's state-enforced birth control edicts which include carrying out thousands of forced abortions per year?
"Family planning" is something of an Orwellian euphemism when it really means forcing women who are seven, eight or nine months pregnant to kill their slightly premature baby. This is "family planning" without choice for the women, and it is enforced with the utmost brutality.
In June this year the case of Feng Jianmei found its way into the Western media. A married woman who got pregnant with her second child, she was unable to pay the massive fine for transgressing the one-child policy. So Chinese "reproductive health officials" came to her home in the ninth month, and forcibly injected her with chemicals that killed the baby. She then gave birth to the child and was photographed lying beside it, shocked and in a pool of blood. This hideous case finally drew attention to the injustice that is being carried out with EU help and EU money.


There are plenty of sources within China who confirm that there is nothing unusual about Feng Jianmei's case. Thousands of similar forced abortions are carried out all over China each year and most of the women are also forcibly sterilised at the same time.
Now two Polish MEPs have taken up the cause and are campaigning against this unacceptable practice. Alojz Peterle and Anna Záborská have tabled a resolution condemning the practice and questioning why we pay for it.

>>>BUT why did we ever pay for it? How mad is the EU system that takes our money here, leaving us to suffer cuts and austerity, while squandering funds on foreign "aid" of such dubious and negative kinds?
Truly the EU is the biggest machine for waste and rotten government ever invented.

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