Thursday, 21 June 2012

String Up Jimmy Carr.

Let's string up Jimmy Carr.
The cheeky-faced comedian has been caught putting his earnings in an offshore scheme than enables him to avoid paying all but 1% of his income tax. Doesn't he know that only mainstays of the Labour party, like Ken Livingstone, are allowed to use these legal-but-crafty setups?
Jimmy should be swinging from the lamp-posts because what he has done is stingy and anti-social. If nobody paid tax, how could we find the money to pay £400,000 per year to Ed Richards the boss of OfCom? Where would we find the funds to disburse around £250,000 per year to six other OfCom bosses? How would all the Labour cronies in all the other quangos get their similar inflated salaries?
Jimmy Carr's stinginess means that we might not be able to find £328,000 p.a. to pay Baroness Ashton, another Labour crony who is head of the EU’s diplomatic service, and recently admitted she didn’t know what the President of Serbia looked like. Cathy Ashton makes us laugh just as much as Jimmy Carr, after all.

Without tax how could we issue corporate credit cards to County Council staff so that they can spend £5 million in two years on personal luxuries – including make-up, takeaway meals, holidays and (believe it or not) their court fees?

If people like Jimmy Carr all avoid paying tax, the rest of us have to pay more, to finance the pointless and tragic war in Afghanistan. If nobody paid tax, how could we bail out eurozone countries that ran up crazy debts over-spending? We might not even be able to afford to give the EU £50 million per day.

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