Saturday, 12 May 2012

Twaddle Taught at Cambridge.

The dumbing-down of British education is not confined to schools, GCSEs and exam boards which nowadays see it as their duty to tell teachers what is going to be on the exam paper, as well as to let them mark their own pupils' "course work". English exams ask pupils to expound the inarticulate ums and ers of a dialogue from Big Brother and give particular attention to the gaps and silences. No wonder you have to pay pupils benefits these days to get them to put up with such a degree of boredom.
It goes all the way up. People pay a fortune to send their kids to private schools in order to cram them into Oxbridge and they imagine that what is taught there will be better. But when they get there, some of them are in for another dose of twaddle. An undergraduate tells me that the religious studies degree course at Cambridge University is teaching students that Ruth's love for Naomi (her mother-in-law) in the Bible was the same as a lesbian attachment.
The argument used to support this is that the same Hebrew word was used to describe their "love" and that of Adam and Eve. Strange then that Ruth was so willing shortly afterwards to marry a man called Boaz.
Just consider the following examples:-

Romeo loves Juliet.
I love my dog.
We love eating chocolate.
Don't you just love the Harry Potter books?

And answer these questions:-
i) I eat chocolate but do I eat my dog?
ii) I love the Harry Potter books but do I want to marry them?
iii) Romeo loves Juliet so should he be jealous if Juliet loves chocolate?
iv) Is Juliet being unfaithful if she loves the Harry Potter books?
v) Should I be allowed to marry a bar of chocolate?
vi) Should I be allowed to marry my mother-in-law?
vii) Should my mother-in-law be allowed to marry my dog?


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