Friday, 25 May 2012

Deal or No Deal?

The Spectator magazine is one of several leading periodicals to reveal that Conservatives are talking about making a deal with UKIP.
It's not hard to see why. UKIP got 12-13% of the vote in the May local elections, more than the Libdems.
The EU is falling apart.
The Eurozone is hell - austerity, cuts, rocketing inflation, widespread unemployment, homeless people, power cut-offs, suicides, riots, demonstrations, breakdown of democracy... we told you so!
Libdem vote slumped in the 2012 election. In most places it sank to less than half its previous figures. No surprise there. The Libdems have been shown up as frauds making false promises and half of them are crooks too.
A treasury secretary who fiddled his expenses, an energy secretary who may soon be gaoled for perverting the course of justice, and a leader whose wife personally profits from his wind-power policies. Those are the coalition partners David Cameron chose.
I hope that lots of people saw Gryff Rhys Jones on Question Time last night - he was excellent. He took the energy wafflings of Caroline Lucas and tore them apart, pointing out that it would take 300 square miles of wind turbines to replace one nuclear power station. Even then they wouldn't work unless the wind was actually blowing! Which is exactly what UKIP has been telling everyone for the past ten years.
The wind power policy has cost tens of billions in subsidies - money that could have been spent on care for old people and improving our state schools. The Coalition only pursues it because of pressure from the Libdems and the EU. Oh and maybe because a few very very very rich landowners profit from it.

In my opinion the only deal between UKIP and the Conservatives should be based on a de facto EXIT from the EU.
No referendums, no cast-iron promises of a referendum, just OUT.

We have heard those cast-iron promises before.
Indeed our votes could then be used to prop up another coalition with the Libdem traitors.
Tell Cameron we talk the day AFTER leaving the EU, not a minute earlier!
12% of the vote is a big and powerful bargaining tool - let's make it count.

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  1. I've given up watching QT, so cheers for the nod about Gryff Rhys Jones. I'll have a quick look on iplayer.