Friday, 25 May 2012

Catherine Bearder Libdem Bashes Christians

I wrote to Libdem MEP Catherine Bearder asking her whether she approved of the Law Society banning a Christian conference scheduled to be held there on May 23rd 2012.
After the usual two-week delay, Ms Bearder replied that she did not wish to challenge their decision.
She thought they had a "right" to do what they liked on their own premises.
Oh have they indeed? What about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18. The right to freedom of religion, and Article 19, the right to freedom of expression, and Article 20, the right to peaceful assembly?

What would be the reaction if any public body in the UK banned a Muslim conference?
We would have riots and blood on the streets. All the liberal-leftie media would bend over backwards to make it clear that they were not anti-islamic. So why is it OK to ban Christians?

Four other MEPs, James Elles, Sharon Bowles, Keith Taylor and Peter Skinner have not bothered to reply. We can take it they are also anti-Christian and opposed to freedom of speech. This is not just a matter for concern to Christians, or to religious people. It is our fundamental human rights being eroded.