Friday, 27 April 2012

Who Are these Little Englanders?

Why is it that nobody calls the Scottish Nationalist Party "Little Scotlanders"? How come nobody dismisses the Welsh Nationalists as "Little Welshers"? Yet those who advocate the independence of the United Kingdom itself - a country that was self-governing for hundreds of years and was powerful and wealthy when it ruled itself - still often get called by the silly term "Little Englanders". "Little Englanders" is not actually a political term at all. It was coined to describe poets in the neo-Georgian period who wrote about England as if it were not a great imperial power or even a union of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, but merely a small rural area in the region of Gloucestershire. Their ideas and attitudes have nothing at all to do with the agenda of UKIP. It seems that the case for independence will be listened to if you want independence for a small area that has never been able to defend itself or compete economically in the world - such as Scotland or Wales. Yet when you talk of independence for a larger unit, the same people will immediately say it is far too small. Can't be done! Quite impossible! Unrealistic. They are talking complete nonsense. . .

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