Saturday, 10 March 2012

Six More British Soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Six more British soldiers killed in Afghanistan by a home-made bomb, planted by the Taliban we thought we had extirpated, and driven out of the country. The total number of British troops killed there is well over four hundred. There are hundreds more maimed and crippled for life. Meanwhile our armed forces are so weak that we cannot defend our own country.
From time to time the UK government makes feeble boasts about how the war has destroyed all the Al-Qaeda training camps and brought democracy to this previously barbaric land. You'd have to be naive to believe that.
If you asked Voltaire to explain the War on Terror, he would say, "It is very simple. We cannot tolerate them bombing our people over here, so we have to send our people to be bombed over there instead. N'est-ce pas?"
The whole invasion of Afghanistan has achieved nothing. The 7/7 terrorists were home-grown, and you can train terrorists anywhere. If somebody wants to train as a pilot and fly straight into a tall building, the invasion of Afghanistan will do nothing to deter them - it may even inflame their aggression. And after all that pointless violence, the Taliban are still there, and will take over whenever the foreign troops leave. Women will not be equal, Sunnis and Shias will continue to massacre each other and elections will be a farce.
Wouldn't it be a better idea to govern our own country rather than kid ourselves we can rule Afghanistan? We cannot even deport Abu Qatada because of unelected EU judges!
Coalition spokesmen keep using the argument that we must "finish the job" to make sure the lives of the fallen were not wasted. Such an argument could trap us in a pointless war forever.

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