Friday, 30 March 2012

Men with Beards Win Bradford West By-Election

The figures from the Bradford West by-election make it very clear that the voters there believe in one thing: the human race must be ruled by MEN WITH BEARDS.
That is without a doubt their highest priority.
Those who watch Big Brother may remember the edifying sight of Mr George Galloway crawling around on the floor pretending to be a cat and slurping milk out of a saucer held in a girl's lap. No better explanation of his political beliefs has ever been broadcast.
George Galloway used to denounce Saddam Hussein in the House of Commons when the Conservative government supported supplying Iraq with arms: then when America attacked it, he had a change of heart, and went to Iraq to make chummy speeches face to face with the dictator. An investigation into his "Mariam" appeal concluded that he had not properly discharged his duty of care as a trustee of a charity.
He has been exposed as a liar countless times, for instance here in this U-tube clip speaking to Christopher Hitchens:-

Galloway is opposed to "Zionism" and makes a lot of inflammatory speeches on the subject. He is opposed to seven million Jewish people living in Israel, yet has no objection to 53 million Muslims living in Europe.*
The Respect manifesto claims to be environmentalist and also pro-trades-unions, brushing aside the problem that environmental policies such as CO2 reduction are destroying jobs all over Europe and exporting them to the Far East as rapidly as possible. Galloway wants to side with the miners then wave a green flag and shut down the coal-mines as well. His Respect party is in favour of EU membership yet opposed to the free-market capitalism of the EU itself. The people who vote for him blame Conservative policy for privatizing the Health Service and Royal Mail, closing their eyes to the fact that it is EU policy and the Labour government was compelled to do the same.
Respect touts for the votes of the Islamic fundamentalists, yet also seeks to embrace homosexual extremists and militants, with the result that most of their conferences are fraught by clamourous shouts of "homophobia!" on one side and "Islamophobia!" on the other. He openly defends the fundamentalist regime in Iran and has made himself ridiculous by denying that the law there demands the execution of homosexuals. Galloway voted to ban fox-hunting, on the grounds that it is "cruel to animals", yet he is in favour of permitting Halal butchers who are cruel to a far greater number and for no good reason.
Galloway, who was brought up Roman Catholic, still opposes abortion, yet his party policy is to support "choice". Galloway claims to be a strict life-long tee-totaller (another way of appealing to the muslim vote) and yet I personally know people who have seen him with a pint in his hand not so very long ago.
In short, Respect is a total mess. It is an opportunistic bundle of contradictions and nonsense for the politically illiterate.
But there is one winning factor in this and it came up trumps. George, Galloway, unlike David Cameron, Ed Milliband or Nick Clegg, has got a beard. Islam loves beards. One beard is worth ten thousand votes.

*(a figure that excludes Turkey)

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  1. Hmm beards? Interesting, I'd not thought of it that way. I do remember seeing him do his victory speech think "get a shave you scruffy git". But as you say, perhaps it was deliberate.