Thursday, 15 March 2012

Bust of a Bad Job

It seems that, despite 30 years of feminist equality, 47,000 British women have nothing better to do than to get plastic surgery on their tits. They have also been so rash as to get it done by a dodgy French company called Pip who put non-medical grade silicon in the implants. Now they are starting to split, and the results may even get toxic.
Well, that surely is the responsibility of the horrid private company that did all these unnecessary operations in the first place. They must be held legally responsible for the mess they have created. Every business operates under legal control: you can't do private surgery and then shrug off responsibility for the outcome. Every customer should have a piece of paper guaranteeing that if something goes wrong, PIP and Co will yank out whatever they shoved in, and pay you compensation too.
If there is no piece of paper, then somebody should take the company to court and get a test case ruling. The NHS should be spending its money on essential operations, not undoing the bungling of unscrupulous profiteering vanity-surgeons.
Have you ever seen one of these implants? They look like a 1980s shoulder-pad, and they are sewn into the breast tissue like an extra bit of stuffing into a cushion.
It is truly pathetic that after so much legislation to ensure that women have equal rights, equal pay, equal education and equal opportunities, so many of us still regard ourselves as sex-objects. We are prepared to go to horrible lengths to make our bodies conform to someone's rigid notion of what is correct. Slicing open your delicate female parts like lumps of boiled ham is too disgusting to contemplate and no sane person would undergo it unless they already had some tumour to remove. In today's society, people will do anything to seek the perfect body, as if that's the be-all and end-all of human existence. Those who are not starving themselves are worrying about having too-small breasts. Tormented by vanity and insecurity - these are not happy women. They have got their priorities all wrong.
One of our local hospitals, the Nuffield Orthopaedic, has launched an appeal for money, and every day charities that care for cancer patients beg us for funds. This is shameful and if our NHS survives in any form the Coalition's dreaded health reform bill, it should be doing something better than clear up the mess caused by unethical vanity surgery.

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