Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Currie makes me Cringe

The trouble with Edwina Currie is that she thinks she is a "celeb". When she is not cavorting on Strictly Come Dancing in an utterly tasteless fashion, she is airing her views on radio, and determined to prove that she can offend as many people as any MP of the younger generation.
It seems she has recently reduced a woman to tears by telling her that it's your own fault if you are struggling to bring up children on a low income without getting into debt. Mrs Currie seems unaware that there is a recession - she thinks that all people need is some stern advice to live within their means.
She certainly picked on the wrong person for this condescending advice. The woman she spoke to 24-year-old Haley Sanderson is exactly the sort of person we need in this country. She works at a care home for the elderly, and only earns £400 per month. We are desperately short of care workers and nurses for our aging population in this country. It is disgraceful that so many old people now suffer neglect or abuse, or have to pay indecently high fees to get the most basic help. While most young people look for jobs they enjoy or find congenial, Haley Sanderson is doing a job that needs to be done. She is not hanging around saying she is qualified in media studies and hoping to earn a fortune choosing locations for film companies: she is one of those who have truly asked what they can do for their country.
Haley has only two children, aged 4 and seven months. Her partner works hard to support the family, and his job as a window-fitter is a strictly utilitarian one too. Nobody fits windows for a hobby. Everybody wants double glazing but most people don't want to pay over the odds for it. He only earns £700 per month. The reason this couple have debts is not as Mrs Currie assumed, that they have run around buying luxuries with credit cards. It is simply that they have fallen behind with the mortgage payments on their 2-bedroom terrace house. The mortgage is £450 per month, nearly half of what they earn, and that leaves only about £130 per week for everything else. She and her partner could get more money if they stopped working and lived on state benefits, but they don't claim anything at all.

Oh well, said Edwina, maybe it's time to declare yourselves bankrupt. What a pointless suggestion. If they did they would lose their house and never be able to buy another one. And they would still need to find the money for rented accommodation which might be even more expensive. Sooner or later they would end up becoming a burden on the state.
I think Mrs Currie owes these people an apology.

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