Wednesday, 25 January 2012

UKIP - spreading scare stories???

There is a very senior professor of International Law who teaches in
Oxford University called Professor M------. Unfortunately he is apt to
tell his students that UKIP is rubbish. He tells
them that we make up lies and circulate false information. M-------
is a Green Party supporter himself and he regularly teaches his
students to ridicule everything that UKIP says.
I sent Prof. M------- some of the text from the setting up
of the European Stability Mechanism, the bits about immunity from prosecution

"The European Stability Mechanism (ESM)...shall enjoy immunity from
every form of judicial proceedings... The property, funding and assets
of the ESM shall be immune from search, requisition..or seizure by
executive, judicial or administrative action. The
Governor...managers and staff members shall be immune from legal
process and shall enjoy inviolability in respect of their official
papers and documents."

Prof. M------- laughed at it, and insisted that the entire text was a
fiction and invented by UKIP. He apparently told that to a class, or so he informed me.
I told him that if he likes he can check it out on the EU's
own official website:-
and to open it you need to click on the link saying PDF in the list of search results. It opens using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

But M--------- was still not convinced. He resorted to the tired old accusations that anyone who opposes the EU is a bigot, a racist and possibly weak-minded.
It is a calamity for this university that we have academics as bloody
awful as that. While Prof M------- is always perfectly pleasant to
everyone in private life, he is incompetent.

Consider this: the person who has been put in charge of the ESM, and given this immunity from prosecution, is none other than our old friend Jacques Santer, the leader of the bunch of EU commissioners who in 1999 all had to resign because of allegations of corruption.

This man is now being put in charge of funds of £370 billion.
And maybe some people who are more aware of the world than Professor M---- know that the accounts of the EU itself have not been satisfactorily written off by its own accountants for thirteen years.


  1. Now, remind me... why did I leave the Green Party? There was the rigged vote over the change of name from the Ecology Party. What irked me was that it was such a petty thing to do, but it showed the hierarchy for what they were.

    Oh, yes, plus the fact that there were too many people like professor M in it!

  2. Lets not forget that Powell, blairs one time personal assistant, revealed in his autobiography that blair and crew drempt up the 'racist' argument simply to stifle and silence opposition to immigration, their e.u., in fact anything he/they (bilderbergers) wanted to do. How effective its been!