Sunday, 22 January 2012

Other Parties Steal UKIP Policies

For years UKIP has been warning the country that wind farms don't work.
The amount of electricity they produce is so small and the output so unreliable that they can never be a major or serious contributor to our national energy needs.
They are a waste of tax-payers' money as literally billions of pounds are poured into subsidizing them and providing a guaranteed price for their tiny output.

Now at last other political parties are starting to wake up to the facts UKIP has been pointing out for so many years. A cross-party group of MPs has challenged the windfarm programme so dear to the heart of our Coalition energy minister, the scientifically untrained Chris Huhne.

The rebel MPs are led by Chris Heaton-Harris, Conservative MP for Daventry.
He said: “Ministers need to look at this policy again. It is an inefficient technology, it adds to the bills of consumers, it harms the balance of the National Grid, it is the wrong renew­able for the UK. We need a change of policy.” The Climate Change Act, requires a major expansion of wind farm development bankrolled by taxpayer subsidies.

These subsidies will soon be costing £280 per year for every homeowner in the UK.*

The policy of building thousands of windfarms across the UK was first advocated by the Greens, then taken up enthusiastically by the Libdems, followed by Labour and the Conservatives. Only UKIP had the sense to question it. Now the wind policy is just not delivering. The wind turbines are ineffectual, they produce very little energy and least of all when we need it most - in the coldest times of winter. They are feeble and unreliable. Even when they are all working at their maximum output, their production, installation and maintenance costs mean that they do not in fact save any carbon dioxide emissions compared to other forms of energy generation.
Worst of all, the subsidies being given to so-called alternative energy are the main factor in driving up our energy bills in this country. Wind farms are not making electricity - but they ARE making electricity more expensive for everybody.
Those slowly rotating triangles are only good news for the fat cats who promote the policy and pocket millions out of the subsidies.

Wake up, Britain! UKIP got it right! Time to listen to all our policies and to implement them too.


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