Thursday, 26 January 2012

What Cheek! now Clegg is stealing UKIP policies

You never know what Nick Clegg our dummy deputy PM will say next. He has no policies of his own and now he is stealing the ideas of UKIP.

Only a couple of days ago he announced that he wanted Britain to give another £17 billion to the IMF to prop up the euro-zone and its astronomical debts.
Here he is saying it:-

Yes, ANOTHER £17 billion, not the £XX billion we just gave – or the £XX billion a few months before that. Another lot.
Clegg does not seem aware that we are already indebted so many trillions that it will take generations to pay off that burden. He is keen to throw even more good money after bad, keen to make us even poorer, eager to make the cuts worse if it will bring a smile to the face of his Brussels masters.
Then suddenly out of the blue he starts saying that we must reduce taxation in this country! How can we afford to do that while paying out more?
Yes, none other than Nick Clegg has made a speech announcing that he is now a believer in lower taxes and thinks that the threshold should be raised to £10,000 per year. Funnily enough that has been UKIP policy and in our manifesto for the last five years or more.
Coming from a politician who has always stood for high taxation and high government spending, it is wildly inconsistent. He seems to have a bunch of different speech-writers who all tell him to say different things. Anything that they hope will buy a few votes.
It was not just naive students who voted for Clegg believing his promise to abolish university tuition fees (a promise that vanished alas like the melting snow in spring...) There were also quite a few "Essex girls" who apparently voted for him because they thought he was "fit". Yeah, that's right. I have heard females say that Clegg, with his blank, dull, characterless face is "fit". These girls just vote for the taller candidate or the one they think is best-looking. They don't know the difference between a General Election and the X-factor.

What a mess the coalition is. No coherent policy on anything.

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