Thursday, 12 January 2012

Getting Away Scot-Free

So the SNP wants Scotland to be independent from England, does it indeed? Funny they never mentioned independence when their Royal Bank of Scotland needed a bail-out from the British taxpayer of £45.5 billion.

If the Scots now vote for independence, it will be a very convenient way of walking away from that onerous debt. It will also be an outrageous scam.
For the past century, Scotland has provided many of the Prime ministers of the UK and certainly most of the influential ones. Ramsey Macdonald, Harold Macmillan, Anthony Blair and Gordon Brown...Scottish MPs sitting in Westminster passed laws for England and nobody questioned their right to do so.
The fact is that for a very long time, tax money from England has been steadily seeping away over the border into Scotland, subsidizing Scottish health care and higher per capita public spending. This is not just because the Scots are more likely to vote Labour, it is actually enshrined in law. Our system of public spending has favoured the Scots over the English. We pay, they complain, that's the deal.
Yet the SNP still thinks that English MPs ought not to be passing laws for Scotland and those living North of the border will be better off without England.
Well, anybody who can walk away from enormous debts and leave other people to pick up the tab will be better off, won't they? If Scotland separates from England, I think that the fair thing would be for the Scots to pay for the full costs of bailing out their own colossally badly-run bank. RBOS is their responsibility, not ours.
Sir Fred Goodwin is a Scot! He is still getting a pension of £6,000 per week from the UK tax-payer.
Of course all the talk about Scottish independence is nonsense so long as England and Scotland are both still inside the EU. In the EU prison, nobody makes their own laws. Nobody rules themselves. What is the point of having more and more parliaments everywhere (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) when they have less and less power?
The result is that we pay more and more for government which has less and less power. Our votes don't make any difference, Our taxes mount astronomically.
When is Britain going to wake up?

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