Sunday, 29 January 2012

24% of people in poll would vote UKIP tomorrow

A recent poll in the Daily Telegraph asked people how they would vote if there were a General Election tomorrow.

24% answered UKIP, second only to the Conservatives and far ahead of Labour.

The Greens and Libdems scored only tiny marginal figures.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

What Cheek! now Clegg is stealing UKIP policies

You never know what Nick Clegg our dummy deputy PM will say next. He has no policies of his own and now he is stealing the ideas of UKIP.

Only a couple of days ago he announced that he wanted Britain to give another £17 billion to the IMF to prop up the euro-zone and its astronomical debts.
Here he is saying it:-

Yes, ANOTHER £17 billion, not the £XX billion we just gave – or the £XX billion a few months before that. Another lot.
Clegg does not seem aware that we are already indebted so many trillions that it will take generations to pay off that burden. He is keen to throw even more good money after bad, keen to make us even poorer, eager to make the cuts worse if it will bring a smile to the face of his Brussels masters.
Then suddenly out of the blue he starts saying that we must reduce taxation in this country! How can we afford to do that while paying out more?
Yes, none other than Nick Clegg has made a speech announcing that he is now a believer in lower taxes and thinks that the threshold should be raised to £10,000 per year. Funnily enough that has been UKIP policy and in our manifesto for the last five years or more.
Coming from a politician who has always stood for high taxation and high government spending, it is wildly inconsistent. He seems to have a bunch of different speech-writers who all tell him to say different things. Anything that they hope will buy a few votes.
It was not just naive students who voted for Clegg believing his promise to abolish university tuition fees (a promise that vanished alas like the melting snow in spring...) There were also quite a few "Essex girls" who apparently voted for him because they thought he was "fit". Yeah, that's right. I have heard females say that Clegg, with his blank, dull, characterless face is "fit". These girls just vote for the taller candidate or the one they think is best-looking. They don't know the difference between a General Election and the X-factor.

What a mess the coalition is. No coherent policy on anything.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

UKIP - spreading scare stories???

There is a very senior professor of International Law who teaches in
Oxford University called Professor M------. Unfortunately he is apt to
tell his students that UKIP is rubbish. He tells
them that we make up lies and circulate false information. M-------
is a Green Party supporter himself and he regularly teaches his
students to ridicule everything that UKIP says.
I sent Prof. M------- some of the text from the setting up
of the European Stability Mechanism, the bits about immunity from prosecution

"The European Stability Mechanism (ESM)...shall enjoy immunity from
every form of judicial proceedings... The property, funding and assets
of the ESM shall be immune from search, requisition..or seizure by
executive, judicial or administrative action. The
Governor...managers and staff members shall be immune from legal
process and shall enjoy inviolability in respect of their official
papers and documents."

Prof. M------- laughed at it, and insisted that the entire text was a
fiction and invented by UKIP. He apparently told that to a class, or so he informed me.
I told him that if he likes he can check it out on the EU's
own official website:-
and to open it you need to click on the link saying PDF in the list of search results. It opens using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

But M--------- was still not convinced. He resorted to the tired old accusations that anyone who opposes the EU is a bigot, a racist and possibly weak-minded.
It is a calamity for this university that we have academics as bloody
awful as that. While Prof M------- is always perfectly pleasant to
everyone in private life, he is incompetent.

Consider this: the person who has been put in charge of the ESM, and given this immunity from prosecution, is none other than our old friend Jacques Santer, the leader of the bunch of EU commissioners who in 1999 all had to resign because of allegations of corruption.

This man is now being put in charge of funds of £370 billion.
And maybe some people who are more aware of the world than Professor M---- know that the accounts of the EU itself have not been satisfactorily written off by its own accountants for thirteen years.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Other Parties Steal UKIP Policies

For years UKIP has been warning the country that wind farms don't work.
The amount of electricity they produce is so small and the output so unreliable that they can never be a major or serious contributor to our national energy needs.
They are a waste of tax-payers' money as literally billions of pounds are poured into subsidizing them and providing a guaranteed price for their tiny output.

Now at last other political parties are starting to wake up to the facts UKIP has been pointing out for so many years. A cross-party group of MPs has challenged the windfarm programme so dear to the heart of our Coalition energy minister, the scientifically untrained Chris Huhne.

The rebel MPs are led by Chris Heaton-Harris, Conservative MP for Daventry.
He said: “Ministers need to look at this policy again. It is an inefficient technology, it adds to the bills of consumers, it harms the balance of the National Grid, it is the wrong renew­able for the UK. We need a change of policy.” The Climate Change Act, requires a major expansion of wind farm development bankrolled by taxpayer subsidies.

These subsidies will soon be costing £280 per year for every homeowner in the UK.*

The policy of building thousands of windfarms across the UK was first advocated by the Greens, then taken up enthusiastically by the Libdems, followed by Labour and the Conservatives. Only UKIP had the sense to question it. Now the wind policy is just not delivering. The wind turbines are ineffectual, they produce very little energy and least of all when we need it most - in the coldest times of winter. They are feeble and unreliable. Even when they are all working at their maximum output, their production, installation and maintenance costs mean that they do not in fact save any carbon dioxide emissions compared to other forms of energy generation.
Worst of all, the subsidies being given to so-called alternative energy are the main factor in driving up our energy bills in this country. Wind farms are not making electricity - but they ARE making electricity more expensive for everybody.
Those slowly rotating triangles are only good news for the fat cats who promote the policy and pocket millions out of the subsidies.

Wake up, Britain! UKIP got it right! Time to listen to all our policies and to implement them too.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012



If you watch the TV news, it gives more time to the results of X-Factor than to the destruction of the National Health Service. Apart from a few amendments in the House of Lords, it seems that the lamentable NHS reform bill will be passed, effectively abolishing the Health Minister’s responsibility for providing health care.**

That is outrageous. Here in Headington the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre has launched an appeal for funds, like a charity. This is shameful. The Oxfordshire County Council has cut £119 million worth of public services in the past year and is getting ready for another round of cuts now. Some organisations claims that “closing tax loopholes” will bridge this gap but instead of charging more tax, why don’t we stop paying tens of billions of pounds in EU bailouts?

If we left the EU, we would have an extra £45 million per DAY to spend.
With that money we could train more nurses and build more hospitals, closing all PFI hospitals and telling the private companies to go to hell.
It is simply not true that we cannot afford it.
At present, the result of the Private Finance Initiative system, which has been introduced by both Conservative and Labour, is that private companies are making profits out of the Health Service even while spending and care are being drastically cut. The private companies charge the hospitals huge interest payments on outstanding loans, and have contracts that enable them to exploit every little bit of maintenance or upkeep to make huge profits. They can charge thousands of pounds just to change a few lightbulbs.*

PFI is a major disaster for this whole country. Labour and the
Conservatives are both blaming each other and neither of them has the
honesty to admit that PFI is needed to comply with EU directives,
which make it imperative to reduce or somehow conceal government
spending. To save the NHS we must leave the EU.

At this very moment we are facing a demand for another £17 billion to be paid into the IMF for EU bail-outs. Just think what that money could do for the NHS and geriatric social care in this country.

With the money we save we could also build more old people's homes and monitor them more carefully. There is an urgent, growing need for geriatric care in the UK. It is UKIP policy to make all medical training free for tax-paying UK citizens. At present you have to do a degree in nursing at your own expense which puts many people off. Training more nurses and hospital assistants would help to reduce unemployment too. Why pay young fit people to stay on the dole? At present EU laws enable foreign nurses to work here too easily when they do not have good enough standards of English. It is illegal to “discriminate” against them even when this causes grave problems for the patients. According to an official NHS report, 90% of hospitals fail to check on nurses’ English! “Language problems often only come to light when patients find that their requests for more pain relief or different food are not understood.” ***
It is not racist to suggest that more British people could and should fill the vacancies in our own hospitals. The standard of foreign nurses is very uneven: some are good of course but some are terrible. One patient recently described how a foreign nurse laughed and did nothing to help her as she gave birth to a still born child.****

This is part of a much larger problem of the transient, drop-in culture. Six months here, six months there has become a normal career pattern but it is not suitable for health care. We are importing nurses hurriedly from all over the world, on short-term contracts, and we cannot guarantee that their training or their attitude to their work is acceptable. I would like to see our NHS in a position to choose its nurses far more carefully – of course allow some foreigners if they are good enough, but not simply rely on them because people here are unqualified. A lot of temporary foreign nurses are recruited by agencies so they cost far more than an NHS nurse. They jump off a plane, stay a few months, then go elsewhere. I think we need committed, long-term nurses who work their entire career here and look forward to a pension that cannot be snatched away at the last minute.
With the billions of pounds that policy saved in benefit pay-outs, after a few years we could start to abolish prescription charges. It would be a good idea to reduce these by £1 per year until they returned to zero. Of course I would order a clamp-down on on health tourism. People who take health services they are not legally entitled to are stealing money from our pensioners, who paid for it. It is no better than breaking into old peoples' houses and beating them up. Stealing is stealing.
If we refuse to give any more money to EU bail-outs, we could spend it on improved care for the elderly here and better pensions.

*“Hospitals have been forced to shell out £242 just to change a padlock
and £13,704 to install three lights at a North Staffs Trust hospital
as a result of PFI deals.”
** See also
*** quoting an NHS watchdog.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Getting Away Scot-Free

So the SNP wants Scotland to be independent from England, does it indeed? Funny they never mentioned independence when their Royal Bank of Scotland needed a bail-out from the British taxpayer of £45.5 billion.

If the Scots now vote for independence, it will be a very convenient way of walking away from that onerous debt. It will also be an outrageous scam.
For the past century, Scotland has provided many of the Prime ministers of the UK and certainly most of the influential ones. Ramsey Macdonald, Harold Macmillan, Anthony Blair and Gordon Brown...Scottish MPs sitting in Westminster passed laws for England and nobody questioned their right to do so.
The fact is that for a very long time, tax money from England has been steadily seeping away over the border into Scotland, subsidizing Scottish health care and higher per capita public spending. This is not just because the Scots are more likely to vote Labour, it is actually enshrined in law. Our system of public spending has favoured the Scots over the English. We pay, they complain, that's the deal.
Yet the SNP still thinks that English MPs ought not to be passing laws for Scotland and those living North of the border will be better off without England.
Well, anybody who can walk away from enormous debts and leave other people to pick up the tab will be better off, won't they? If Scotland separates from England, I think that the fair thing would be for the Scots to pay for the full costs of bailing out their own colossally badly-run bank. RBOS is their responsibility, not ours.
Sir Fred Goodwin is a Scot! He is still getting a pension of £6,000 per week from the UK tax-payer.
Of course all the talk about Scottish independence is nonsense so long as England and Scotland are both still inside the EU. In the EU prison, nobody makes their own laws. Nobody rules themselves. What is the point of having more and more parliaments everywhere (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) when they have less and less power?
The result is that we pay more and more for government which has less and less power. Our votes don't make any difference, Our taxes mount astronomically.
When is Britain going to wake up?