Friday, 16 December 2011

Landslide Victory for Apathy

Yesterday's by-election at Feltham and Heston was a landslide victory for apathy, bad weather and Christmas shopping.
The turnout among voters was only 28% per cent - the lowest in any by-election for 11 years.

Labour was anxious to hold onto the seat and hoping nobody would remember the part played by the last MP Alan Keen in the expenses scandal. They fielded an attractive young female candidate Seema Malhotra, a highly-paid chartered accountant who lives in a £3 million mansion in Chelsea, so she really understands the problems of unemployed people and the homeless. She was duly elected by all the robotic voters who say, "Well, I'm voting Labour because I always vote Labour. We're Labour voters in this family. Who's the candidate?..."
I looked for her website and she hasn't got one. Her leaflets contained no sign of any intelligent policies at all to address this country's problems.

The UK is in deep and deadly crisis, we are bankrupt and our right to govern ourselves is being snatched away by encroaching EU dictatorship. All over Europe democracy itself is being overturned by the Brussels politburo and yet here in South London people cannot even be bothered to go to the polls. Even the fact that our NHS is being dismantled does not galvanize them. They would rather stay at home and watch soap-operas. Perhaps one factor is that Feltham and Heston is full of migrants and transient residents who have no long-term concern for this country and no particular interest in it or loyalty to it.
Otherwise one really has to ask whether Britain has become a weak, soft and decadent country. So it seems. Its citizens have grown childish, and lost all sense of responsibility.

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