Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Party's Over

The number of people in the UK who actually belong to any political party or pay a subscription is dwindling all the time. So what are the hard-up so-called "main parties" doing? They are putting their heads together and demanding state funding. That is outrageous, Why should we be compelled to fund and perpetuate political parties if we don't want to?
Of course such an approach gives the old parties a huge advantage over any possible competitors. It means that the old-established party machines can cling onto power even if people are disenchanted with them.
In my view, political parties should not be funded by the state. State funding is just a way of embalming dead political parties after their useful life is over.
The self-serving career politicians of the Conmen party (blue) the Layabout party (red) and the Glibdummies (orange) are already raking in obscene amounts of money for doing nothing except betray this country. If the public will not fund them - well, thank God for that!

The latest proposals for the funding of political parties, which will see the taxpayer foot a £23 miliion annual bill, have been condemned by UKIP.

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