Friday, 25 February 2011

Now the EU is banning yoghurt

Is there anything at all the evil EU will not mess up?
Answer: No.
Now they are even causing a problem with yoghurt. Yes, yoghurt, I learnt this on a chat forum only today. EU directives have decreed for some stupid reason, that the shops can no longer sell real "live" yoghurt . Only probiotic which you can't use to make your own yoghurt.
Has there been a string of yoghurt deaths?
Has there been an EU-wide campaign supported by the public to ban live yoghurt?
Has there been any discussion of it in the public forum or convincing reasons given for the change?
Did many people until now enjoy exercising their BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to make their own yoghurt using the live bacillus?
Did the EU have a right to interfere?
So is this another proof that the EU is an arrogant, tyrannical and OPPRESSIVE organisation?
Yes, very plainly.
Can we change their oppressive laws through the ballot-box?
So do we need to leave the EU and tell them to go to hell?
This is not a democratically passed law so that justifies civil disobedience.
I'm going to set up an international yoghurt-smuggling ring, on the lines of the heroine racket, bringing in genuine yoghurt with friendly bugs in it from Bulgaria, so that people can make their own in a thermos flask. If caught I will become the world's first yoghurt martyr.

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