Friday, 25 February 2011

Now the EU is banning yoghurt

Is there anything at all the evil EU will not mess up?
Answer: No.
Now they are even causing a problem with yoghurt. Yes, yoghurt, I learnt this on a chat forum only today. EU directives have decreed for some stupid reason, that the shops can no longer sell real "live" yoghurt . Only probiotic which you can't use to make your own yoghurt.
Has there been a string of yoghurt deaths?
Has there been an EU-wide campaign supported by the public to ban live yoghurt?
Has there been any discussion of it in the public forum or convincing reasons given for the change?
Did many people until now enjoy exercising their BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to make their own yoghurt using the live bacillus?
Did the EU have a right to interfere?
So is this another proof that the EU is an arrogant, tyrannical and OPPRESSIVE organisation?
Yes, very plainly.
Can we change their oppressive laws through the ballot-box?
So do we need to leave the EU and tell them to go to hell?
This is not a democratically passed law so that justifies civil disobedience.
I'm going to set up an international yoghurt-smuggling ring, on the lines of the heroine racket, bringing in genuine yoghurt with friendly bugs in it from Bulgaria, so that people can make their own in a thermos flask. If caught I will become the world's first yoghurt martyr.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Builders, don't you just love'em

When is this definition going to get into a major dictionary?
"Builder: somebody who smokes cigarettes and leaves their stubs all over your garden, in your pot plants and just outside every door of your house. Generally known to leave rubbish of every sort behind them."
Or what about this one:
"Builder: somebody who thinks that your kitchen pans are there to be used for mixing filler."
"Builder: someone who wedges doors wide open so that anyone can walk in and take whatever they like."

Why do all builders wedge your front and back doors wide open and leave them like that all day in the middle of winter so all the heat goes straight out into the garden? "I'm in and out to my van," they shout from the back of the house. Do they think doors can only be opened and closed once per day?
The builders who did my underfloor work in this house did exactly that and later I found that many things had been stolen. Pictures, a plug-in radiator, food, what do you expect if you leave the whole house gaping open?

Why is is that British builders don't know what a dust-sheet is and seem to assume that in any job, they are entitled to trash every single thing in the house and garden?
A relative of mine recently hired a builder to put in a damp-proof course in two downstairs rooms. The builder never covered anything at all with dust-sheets. He tore down all the plaster from walls and ceiling, with all the doors in the house wedged open so that the draught blew dust and filth into every room in the house. The kitchen cupboards were filled with rubble - not just dust, not just dirt, but rubble. So was the cooker and the brand-new sink, which was used to clean plastering tools. He tore out everything from the walls and broke it - all the light fixtures, shelves, wall fixtures, blinds, even the cooker hood vanished, thrown onto a skip. The shower screen in the bathroom disappeared. He did not have the sense to take up the lino either before doing the job. It was ruined. When asked why he said, "What? I fort you was 'avin' a new kitchen 'n' barfroom."
Not content with that, he opened sacks of cement and plaster on brand-new carpets. The carpets all over the house from top to bottom were completely ruined with plaster, rubble and cement trodden in. When the owner complained about this he said, "Can't you just hoover it, like?"
The damage caused by builders often exceeds in value the work they do.
I have lost count of the times workmen have come to do jobs in my house and have failed to put down a dust-sheet. This is typical of carpenters. They assume they can leave the mess or grab your own domestic hoover to clear it up. Two of my hoovers have been broken by workmen doing this. They don't understand that ordinary household hoovers cannot cope with heavy waste such as paint-chips, rubble, wood-shavings, cement, plaster, and sand.
And just why do builders think that a garden is there to be trashed? I have seen builders load rubble and waste knee-deep onto flower-beds, crushing shrubs and plants. They mix cement on lawns and have fires there without asking you. They leave heaps of rubbish in the garden and even when it is cleared away, there is a scattering of paint-chips, wood-shavings and rusty nails. Why is it that when builders have got a bucket in which they have mixed some sort of plaster, cement or glue, the first place they empty it is in the middle of your garden? They don't stop to think about the result of emptying that stuff on flowers and bulbs that are coming up. Or vegetables!
I had someone in to clear a drain not long ago. He had to bail out some filthy greasy water from the upper part of it first. Instead of carrying it around to another drain to dispose of, he tipped it straight on top of my strawberry bed. Yeeeugh!
How can anyone anticipate so much collateral damage from a routine maintenance job?
I caught the last handyman I employed stuffing his plastic bottles and other rubbish into my garden disposal sack. I made him take it out and put it where it belonged. He wasted the cup of coffee I made for him and preferred to drink two bottles of fizz and smoke three cigarettes in the course of a single morning's work. The stubs were put in the usual place on the garden path.
When is this country going to start training its builders and workmen properly?
We need a code of conduct for them.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Why the Bull Verdict is Wrong

I hope that Mr and Mrs Bull, the Cornish hoteliers who have been ordered to pay thousands of pounds in compensation to a pair of homosexual men, will appeal against the verdict.
I think Judge Rutherford’s decision is unfair and amounts to religious persecution. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which our government is a signatory, states:-

Article 18 Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion...this right includes the public or private to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Note that word "practice". What the Bulls did was to have a policy that they would only provide a double-bedded room to married couples, whether homosexual or otherwise. They put this policy clearly on their website and they made it clear that it was because they are devout Christians. All the unmarried heterosexual couples who went to their hotel near Penzance (and there must have been hundreds of them) were polite enough to respect it. Yet a male homosexual couple were so aggressive - and so opportunistic - that they rang up their solicitors and sued.
They acted without any respect for the rights of the Bulls to hold and to practise their religious principles. They even got funding to fight their case from the Equality Commission, which means they got tax-payers' money. Our money. Why?
What they are demanding is not equality. It is domination.
All over the country there are gay clubs, gay bars and gay websites which make it absolutely clear they are not catering for heterosexuals. Would it be legal for a heterosexual to barge in there and impose themselves? Could I sue a gay dating agency for not accepting me as a customer? Could I force a gay club to let me join it, and then complain they did not welcome heterosexuals?
Of course not. So why is it that homosexuals are allowed to behave like that?
These pushy, greedy extremists are taking away the choices and freedoms of others. They are imposing themselves in a wholly unjust and improper fashion. Instead of being grateful for the tolerance given to them by society, they have exercised intolerance in return.
That is unfair and I hope that the verdict (which of course reflects EU policy on so-called "gay" rights) is overturned one day by a higher court, which is mindful of the respect due to ALL the people involved in this sort of situation.

Postscript. Interestingly enough, the historian David Starkey was one of those who expressed concern about this and similar cases. On TV's Question Time, he commented, "It seems to me that what we are doing is producing a tyrannous new morality that is every bit as oppressive as the old." As a historian, he is of course accustomed to taking a detached and long-term view of human affairs, not merely the fashionable views and prejudices of one generation. Incidentally he is also homosexual as he says on this video recording:-