Wednesday, 5 January 2011

We are being ruled by children.

Of all the people who have, over the years, attacked the Queen, few can have done so in such a fluff-headed way as Charlotte Church.

Did you ever wonder what happened to Charlotte, after her brief career as a child singing star? No, neither did I.

But now, in her desperation to get publicity for her new career as a pop singer (well, sort of) she has resorted to being downright rude about the Queen. The Queen, it seems, according to Ms Church, has committed the unforgiveable crime of being OLD and what is worse, she cannot even remember who Ms Church is!
Goodness me, well that makes about fifty million of us, doesn't it?

Why the heck should the Queen remember her? Hasn't the Queen got far more important things to think about than second-rate pop-artists releasing banal songs and having their lives run by a publicity agent and a make-up artist?
Ms Church's remarks reveal a naive self-importance. She really does think that everybody in the world ought to know who she is!
Because the Queen is old, Ms Church assumes she is stupid, ridiculous, boring and unworthy of any respect. That is what is called ageism. It is certainly very narrow-minded and intolerant.
Nobody in Ms Church's world of glitzy, shallow celebs is ever allowed to get old - no woman, anyway.
This is truly a sign of the times. The cult of youth affects politics too, because people nowadays tend to vote for a leader because of his looks. It's a fact and television aggravates that problem. Why else are all our leaders tall, youngish men with regular features and a good head of hair? Short, fat or old people need not apply. Even people with glasses or grey hair are ruled out. The Tories never won an election so long as they ran bald leaders.
When I think of all the virgin voters, teenagers, who voted Libdem because they believed Nick Clegg's promises and because they thought he was tall and good-looking, I wonder if it was a mistake to reduce the voting age to 18. If we had kept it at 21 we might have a more thoughtful, experienced electorate. The danger is that it may be reduced again, to 16. Why not 12? Or 10? or 5?
If it's OK to be governed by children, then why have a lower age-limit at all?
We are turning into an infantocracy. When the age of voting is reduced to three, Charlotte Church may be elected Prime Minister and even then, I doubt if anybody with any intelligence will be able to remember who she is.

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