Monday, 17 January 2011

CND campaigner wants to sell arms to China

Labour peer Cathy Ashton, who occupies the ludicrously overpaid post of foreign minister in the EU, is now lobbying EU ministers to raise the embargo on selling arms to China.

What's curious about that, you might say?
Ms Ashton came to power via the CND and told the public that her principles were "pacifist". Now she is openly touting for us to sell arms to one of the most heavily armed nuclear states in the world, with a shameful record of violating human rights.
What does CND stand for? Campaign for Nauseating Double-standards?
Ms Ashton is paid about twice the salary of the Prime Minister to oppose our own policies and bring this country into disrepute.
She is just following the great Labour tradition of David Milliband, who told China the UK no longer opposes its tyrannous annexation of Tibet.
Ms Ashton has been criticized by European leaders because she can't speak French, or any other foreign language, fluently. Her qualifications are modest, and if she had not married a friend of Tony Blair, she would be lucky to have a job as a typist or receptionist with her level of skills.

Is there any way we can get rid of her? Could David Cameron sack her? It is sad to realize that he has so few powers and his title as PM does not mean much these days.

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