Saturday, 11 December 2010

Want Your Money Back?

The riots in London when the House of Commons was voting on raising tuition fees were a stark contrast from the super-duper celeb receptions universities were laying on for Nick Clegg last April.
My, my, how times change.
Here is a template letter that can be used by anyone who is dissatisfied and wants to claim their money back under consumer legislation:-

Dear Liberal Democrat Party,
I wish to make a complaint under the Supply of Goods & Services Act 1982 (As amended).
On 6th May 2010 I purchased the following goods from you:

Deputy Prime Minister

This was bought for the sum of One Vote Sterling.

I chose the item because it was tall, handsome and well-dressed and came with a glamorous, foreign wife and the assurance that it spoke five languages. The description included the promise that the DPM would oppose government spending cuts and vote against any proposed increase in university tuition fees. However, this item has never functioned as described. Within a few days after the date of purchase it started to malfunction and has never fulfilled the purposes for which it was offered for sale.
I do not think this item was of merchantable quality. It is defective or was wrongly advertised. Therefore I would like to ask for my vote back.
If there is no response to this complaint within fourteen days, I will have to take further legal action,
Yours sincerely,

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