Sunday, 12 December 2010

An Invitation to Join Wiki-Sneaks

Would you like to go snooping into your neighbour's computer? Maybe hack into their bank account or something like that. If they've got an overdraft or any interesting gossip like that, send us the news at Wiki-sneaks and we will put it onto the world-wide-web for you.
Have you accidentally found or even stolen someone's mobile phone lately? Maybe you would like to read through the messages and see if there is something private or even embarrassing that might make people giggle if it got around. Love messages? Nick-names? Secret meetings? Remarks about people they know at work? Health issues? Outbursts of temper? Swear-words?
We could put it all on the web. Just think how funny that would be.
Even a list of the private phone numbers of all their friends would go down well in some circles.
Don't be shy! Go out and pry!

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