Wednesday, 3 November 2010

You Lucky Bastards!

It seems perfectly obvious to some people what your "human rights" are are. Rights are, in the words of the American Declaration of Independence, a self-evident truth. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, isn't that plain? And the right to life included the right to carry a weapon to defend that life didn't it? - at least according to the Americans who have always interpreted it that way.
What is self-evident to one person is dubious and unacceptable to another.
Yesterday the Cleggeron government was forced to buckle under and agree to a dictate of the European Court of Human Rights, which told us we must give the vote to criminals inside prisons. A General Election may now be decided by murderers, and laws made by those who refuse to keep laws.
Their right to vote may appear a self-evident truth to some people but to others - including me - it is no such thing. It is an unjust claim, made in violation of our right to run our own country and impose penalties on law-breakers. How much right to vote do the victims of murder have? Can they sway a General Election?
If our government had any backbone, it would immediately withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights in protest, and say that we never signed up for this dictatorship when we agreed to that convention long ago. But of course our government hasn't got that much backbone. If it dare not protest about a 2.9% increase in budget for the EU (which of course has no connection with the Court of Human Rights) it certainly won't have the guts to stand up to bullying from The Hague.
The Cleggeron government is made of jelly.
Human rights have suffered inflation like so many things. Twenty years ago Amnesty International used to campaign for people like Mordechai Vanunu, the weapons whistle-blower, imprisoned for eighteen years in Israel, and Ken Saro-Wiwa, the Nigerian environmental protester and leader of the Oboni minority, who was hanged in 1995 by the military government of Nigeria for being rather a nuisance.
Nowadays Amnesty sends out cards requesting that members protest about gays being harrassed by policemen in downtown Los Angeles. The Close Campsfield protestors are trying to make a martyr out of every Nigerian migrant who is or can claim to be "gay" on the grounds that he is in danger in his own country.
They have lost all sense of perspective. To me, a human rights issue would be that of the girls aged 11 or 12 who are trafficked here from Nigeria - by Nigerians of course - to work as slaves and prostitutes for years on end. They are kept locked up, beaten, threatened with death if they try to escape, and some of them are actually killed.
It is a delightful feature of multi-culturalism.

Comparing such cases to the problems of anti-gay harrassment, one is tempted to say to the gays, "You lucky bastards!"

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