Sunday, 21 November 2010

We Told EU so!

First Greece, then Ireland, who next in the euro-slump?
Obstinate folk who still try to defend our EU membership are fond of saying that by being inside it, we get "influence".
What does that influence consist of?
Can we make their laws? No.
Can they make ours? Well, yes, for example by forcing us to give the vote to criminals in gaol.
Doesn't sound like what I'd really call influence.
What we do get is a series of mammoth bills for the ailing economies within the Euro-zone that have already had billions in EU subsidies to build up their economies. Greece got massive EU investment. So did Ireland. Then when the hand-outs ceased, they just fell apart.
The same thing is happening in Spain and Portugal. For decades we paid tax for them to get EU grants, investment and subsidy to create a short-term boom. But all the growth was artificial and it soon petered out. There was nothing solid there. In fact, genuine businesses were driven out by subsidized ones. Now they are bankrupt and - surprise, surprise ! - we are having to dig into our own pockets for another round of billion-pound subsidies to keep them from collapse.
We and our children and our grandchildren yet unborn are going to have to pay the bill for our prodigal governments and EU folly.
The clever profiteers who thrive on subsidies and know how to exploit them have mainly done a flit now, moving over to Eastern Europe where they can get the next lot of "re-structuring" grants. They can set up new companies in Romania, employing illegal Chinese workers, and do it all with the tax you pay.
Why else do you think VAT is going up to 20%?

It is time that the idealists who still defend the EU took off their blinkers.
Will we have to wait until the whole crazy EU edifice falls apart to be free of it?

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