Wednesday, 8 September 2010

How the EU is wasting your money

Are you worried about earthquakes hitting Britain? Do you stay awake at night anxious about how you would cope? Have you noticed any fault lines running through Gloucestershire? Have you got a lot of money to spare right now from your household budget?
No, neither have I. Yet the EU is spending £900,000 on a safety exercise in Portsmouth to train emergency services to deal with an earthquake should such an event ever arise. Fire services, police and rescue teams from all over Europe are gathered together for a week-long training exercise called Operation Orion in which dummies will be dug out from under buildings that have been specially demolished for the purpose, and actors splodged with red paint play the roles of accident victims.
Meanwhile, last night at Oxford Town Hall, at a public meeting, our County police chief was talking about the immense long and short-term harm which he fears will be caused by the swingeing cuts that his service is being forced to make, because of government economies. He's not the only one of course. All aspects of our public spending are being cut to the bone. Yet the EU thinks it should be spending our taxes on combatting an imaginary earthquake.
You couldn't make it up!
Wait a moment, isn't there a real crisis in Pakistan? What about all those homeless flood victims, now threatened with starvation or malaria? What about the latest famine hitting drought regions in Africa? Couldn't the money be spent on helping REAL disaster victims over there instead of imaginary ones?
Such a way of thinking is far too logical and far too lucid for the raving loonies who run the European freak-circus. If they are worried about imaginary earthquakes, that is what they will spend the funds on. What will they combat next? Hurricanes in rural Germany? The danger of a massive asteroid hitting Spain? Lord knows. When you're dealing with nutters you never really know what to expect.

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