Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Burka Ban reaches France

First Belgium banned the burka. Now France has followed suit.
This is just commonsense. The burka is a security risk, a grave problem for law enforcement as well as an insult to women. Terrorists in London used it to escape from the police after the July bombings, and armed robbers all over the world have taken full advantage of its potential for concealing weapons, stolen goods and their own identity.
In France earlier this year, an armed robbery took place near Paris on a bank whose employees were held at gunpoint with weapons smuggled through the CCTV system underneath a burka.
The burka is an obnoxious symbol of the oppression of women. Women who have to wear them find them sweaty, heavy, and cumbersome. The black shroud proclaims that she is not a human being, but the property of her husband, and he can keep her from the eyes of anybody else. It is a danger to others when a woman shrouded in this absurd way attempts to drive a car or even cross a road, as her vision is severely impeded by it.
The burka is part of a culture that allows men to beat or execute their wives with legal impunity, and have them stoned for adultery. A culture that flogs or hangs young women for unchastity or not wearing a headscarf. It is mediaeval.
There is only one problem with the burka ban. The EU officialdom has decreed that no country within its boundaries is entitled to pass any laws about it. You can ban the pound, the pint, the inch or the Christian cross, it seems, but you cannot possibly ban the burka. Funny that we have hundreds of thousands of petty laws inflicted on us, taking away our own freedoms and our own traditional way of life, yet the EU makes a sacred cow out of
something that has absolutely nothing in its favour and does nothing but harm.
It remains to be seen whether the courage of France and Belgium will stand up to the bullying of the EU bureaucracy.