Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New government attacks immigrants

You all heard the Queen's speech. It's official. The two-headed Cleggerons have announced a new policy of capping (jargon for restricting) immigration from all countries outside the EU. They want to convince the public that they are taking action about something which 55% of us regard as a "problem".
Is immigration a problem? It's not a problem if we take people we want, people who may have skills or abilities and who are willing to fit in with the way of life in this country. Sometimes we need them. Sometimes they pay a lot of money for our services.
The important thing is for us to be able to choose who is coming here. It's a problem if we let in people without skills, people who may be claimants or health-tourists and people who like putting bombs on tube trains. If we made our own laws, all these problems could be easily solved.
But unfortunately despite the paraphenalia of the Queen's speech ( and how hot she looked in all that fur in this heat-wave) we no longer make our own laws. Since the major blunder of accepting EU rule, we now have little or no control over who comes here. So the Cleggerons are resorting to a feeble and absurd ploy of picking on the non-EU immigrants - who are a small minority - and arbitrarily restricting the number of visas that will be issued to them. Wait a minute - their policy ignores such issues as competence and need!
This means that when we want to recruit a doctor or nurse we HAVE to take them from the EU, even if others from the Commonwealth, or the Philippines, are far more competent and speak better English.
If we want to recruit a professor from the USA or Russia, we will be told we have to give priority to a less qualified Latvian.
Genuine students from America, Russia or China who pay a lot of money to study here will be kept out. So our struggling economy will lose foreign exchange. Meanwhile, EU students will be able to pour in here and take £4000 from the taxpayer each year they study at a British university.
Well, yes.
A pathetic gesture to manipulate statistics?
You could call it that.
But the Cleggerons have got a fundamental handicap: they are incapable of understanding that it is EU membership that is tying our hands behind our backs and preventing us from addressing the REAL problems.

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  1. Any chance of getting the Daleks back tackle the Cleggerons? I almost feel our dustbin-shaped friends might do a better job - at least they were logical, in a horrible exterminating sort of way!

    (I have a sort of blog - though I call it a web journal. It's mostly not about politics, though:
    I've been writing it for 10 years!)