Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Listen to the younger generation

I sent this message to a young woman student at university:-

One major reason to vote UKIP at this election is to save university education in this country. We are the education party. UKIP is the only party pledged to abolishing tuition fees immediately and wholly (not bit by bit in the dim and distant future and funding it through a graduate tax like the Libdems.) We are also pledged to restoring the student grant. Not a loan. A grant. We oppose the graduate tax which is about to be introduced by Labour, Libdem or Conservative. We also oppose the Bologna Process, which the UK government has foolishly signed, extending all degree courses to five years merely for the sake of uniformity across Europe. UKIP says to hell with that! A five-year unfunded degree course would be available only to the rich. Loans and graduate taxes put off poorer students and women. To save university education in this country, WAKE UP Britain and vote UKIP.
EU membership costs us at least £50 billion per year in direct and indirect costs.

She sent me this reply:-

Our national debt is somewhere around the £850 billion mark though.

£850 billion. It's nearly 60% of our GDP.

Even if you discount the "investment" the government made in the banks, which I do hope can eventually be recouped, it's still well over £700 billion and more than 50% of our GDP.

And, this figure does not even include the particularly crippling PFI "investments" that the government has made, spending hundreds of billions more building hospitals which will soon cease to exist! If you think it's a waste of money paying to support the Greek economy, or paying to build bridges in Eastern Europe, or just paying to physically move pointless documents between Brussels and Strasbourg, think about the complete disaster of spending more money than you usually would on a hospital, and ending up with no hospital at all. It's madness, and it has to stop.

The current situation is totally unsustainable, even though it apparently hasn't actually crippled us yet. Even assuming that leaving the EU would leave us in a stronger position financially, even when the economy gets back on its feet, we absolutely do need spending cuts. I think we need to tone down the government spending culture generally, because there's an attitude that problems are solved by throwing money at them and there's a culture that we can just continuously spend money which we do not have currently. We cannot go on like this indefinitely. We simply can't afford to.

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