Wednesday, 12 May 2010

I Told You So - Clegg's the Dregs

It's just as I predicted in my last blog.
The Libdems have sold out every principle they've got (admittedly not many) for a few places in the cabinet. What would you expect from a party funded by tax-exiles, arms dealers and serial fraudsters?
They are not going to introduce proportional representation, merely have a referendum on AV which is rubbish and only benefits the larger and more central parties. The people who voted for them in the belief that they were committed to constitutional reform should now be very diasappointed and disillusioned.
Some people are saying that we should have two referenda - the first to ask whether the public wants any change in the voting system, then the second giving a choice of various alternative systems.
That would be too expensive, and too complicated for many voters to uderstand. Better to give two straightforward choices -
i) no change,
ii) real proportional representation for all parties with even 1% of the vote. When you think about it, 31,000 Labour or Conservative votes gain one MP. So why should 310,000 votes - which is 1% of the poll - result in no representation? Are we talking about a fairer system or merely an adjustment in favour of the Libdems, which is what AV amounts to?
What is the betting that the Cleggeron government will blame Labour and each other for the massive cuts they are now going to be forced to make in order to go on funding our extortionate contributions to the EU budget and Greek bail-out?
Clegg, Cameron and Huhne are all millionaires so they don't care whether the state pension is adequate or whether our elderly people get care in their declining years.

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