Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Excuse me, did you say anti-sleaze?

We all need a good laugh from time to time.
John Stevens is running for election as an anti-sleaze candidate for the parliamentary seat of Buckingham, and he is careful not to tell the voters that while he was an MEP he helped himself to £210,000 of superfluous expenses.
It is being reported on very reliable evidence that "Mr Stevens had an office in Sunninghill in the former Thames Valley Euro constituency when he was first elected in 1989, and maintained it until February 1991. After that, his addresses, as listed in the official directory of MEPs, were given as a residential address on Smith Square, Westminster, and the offices of his employers, Rothschild Asset Management, on St James's Place, SW1.
During this period, office expenses allowances were £2,100 per month, meaning that in the 8 ½ odd years Mr Stevens apparently failed to maintain a constituency office, he benefitted from £210,000 of taxpayers money meant to pay for one."
What does Mr Stevens mean, then, by anti-sleaze?
Whatever is he doing, posing as holier-than-thou?
Why does he call himself a Conservative when is not a genuine candidate of that party and he has previously belonged to the Libdems or made up his own label of pro-Euro Conservative (which means a little barmier than most other Conservatives) ?

It's true there are many other guilty politicians. Julie McBride has not been goaled - why? Elliot Morley has not been goaled - though at least he is on trial. Nick Clegg has not been goaled or even charged for accepting £3.5 million in illegal donations to his party from non-taxpayers and criminals.
But none of them are standing on a platform of Clean up Politics.
Stevens is just gambling on nobody in Buckingham or Aylesbury calling his bluff in time before the polling day.
You would be a fool to vote for him and Martin Bell is a nitwit to endorse him.

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