Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Dr Who and the Cleggerons

Coming soon...Dr Who and the Cleggerons.

In the next series of Dr Who, the doctor (played by David Threlfall we sincerely hope) faces his most scary and horrifying enemy of all time - the ghastly Cleggerons. These three-legged, two-headed quasi-humanoids from the planet Compromise, a planet which never goes all the way round in its orbit, but stops when half-way there and turns back in the other direction, are now poised to take over the Earth. Their plans include cutting public services in order to bail out Greece, and, most terrible of all, a Graduate Tax.
The doctor, who graduated from Cambridge University in 1385 and did his Ph.D. at Imperial College, London in 1901, realizes at once that the Earth is in deadly danger. The Graduate Tax is the best and fastest way of driving out all the graduates from planet Earth to seek employment in other solar systems. Luckily for him, the Tardis is registered for tax purposes in a far-off galaxy, on a tiny mountainous planet which remains stubbornly independent. But this will not deter him from fighting to the death for his principles!

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