Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dr Who and The Cleggerons Part 2

The story so far.
Dr Who has landed on Earth just in time to confront the first wave of the Cleggerons, the scary three-legged aliens who are taking over and seeking to supercede the human race.
Betrayed by his careless, naive companion and captured by a Cleggeron ambush-squad, he is taken to their HQ where he overhears the latest of their dastardly plans.
The Cleggerons have decided to weaken any opposition in the House of Conmens by using a simple trick. They will change the rules so that instead of needing 50% to win a vote of No Confidence, the opposition will need 55% in future. If there is still any danger of the Cleggeron regime being voted out, they can always raise the bar to 60% or 75%. "Fiendish," murmurs the Doctor.
Meanwhile the Stock Market goes up markedly in response to the prospect of stable, firm and strong government. Dr. Who scans the Financial Times and makes a few quick investments on his mobile phone, before diving into a nearby recycling bin full of forged postal votes and concealing himself before the Cleggeron guards can find him. What has happened to his naive companion? What are they going to do with her?
[To be continued.]

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